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If you are planning a trip to Nepal to enjoy trekking then you are taking an amazing decision. Get ready for the adventure and excitement of this beautiful destination. If you have been here before then you must know which is the best place to trek and if you are visiting this place for the first time then Annapurnas or The Himalayan base camp is suggested. When you trek at these places you should be aware about the responsibility and safety. If you want a safe journey and reduce the load of your luggage then you can go for a guide and porter hiring in Nepal. You should never travel unless you enquire each and every fact about the place. To be on the safer side you should always hire a guide, so that the trip becomes even easier and safe. You have so much to carry with yourself during trekking; you think that you won’t be able to handle all alone, and then hand it over to the porter.

When you are travelling, there are always chances of mishaps irrespective of the place. There are chances of thefts and mugging in Nepal too specially at the city side. Sometimes it happens at the lower regions also. To avoid such mishaps, there should be a local guide along with you while trekking so that he can provide immediate help if any such problem occurs. Also there is availability of porter guides in Nepal who can guide you as well as handle your luggage during the trip.

When you go for local and private guide and porter hiring in Nepal, they become like your employees for the time being. While you will travel and trek in Nepal the porter will be handling your extra luggage. You should take care just because a porter is with you, you can overload him with extra luggage, and after all he is also human and will be doing hard work as you do. Just try to carry light luggage, as light as you can. When you are travelling the porter guide helps you in all possible ways so it’s your responsibility to help him also if he needs help or falls sick or any other problem occurs. You cannot leave the porter alone and continue your journey if he is sick.  You need to leave him at a safe point unless he gets a proper medical help. There should always be proper enquiry done about the porters and guides also to avoid any mishaps.

Tour guide Fees per day $ 30

Trekking guide fees per day $ 25

Porter fees per day $ 20

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