Bird watching in Nepal

Trip Information
  • Trip Duration15 Days
  • DestinationNepal
  • Trip Grade Moderate to Strenuous
  • Max. Altitude 2,760m
  • Accommodation Hotel / Guest House / Lodge
  • Transport Biking in - Biking Out

Bird watching in Nepal | Book Now Nepal Bird Watching Tour Package

Nepal is the home of the around 900 types of fowls either neighborhood or moving flying creatures. Welcome Nepal Treks & Tours offers this exceptional Bird Watching Tour bundle for the winged animal sweethearts and onlookers. Nepal is regularly known for the trekking and pinnacle climbing yet there are plenteous appealing exercises which should be possible for your splendid holiday in Nepal. 

Bird Watching Tour in Nepal can be organized as the multi days trip incorporating the Bardiya Wildlife in Mid Western district of Nepal then in Chitwan, Koshi Tappu Wildlife and Shivapuri National Park. Nonetheless, we are satisfied to offer this Bird Watching Tour in Nepal as a day visit taking you the encompassing of Kathmandu Valley including Shivapuri National Park. Kathmandu Valley has boundless places best for the onlookers of the winged animals. The place like Tau Daha in the southern Kathmandu presents you the opportunity to witness winged animals like Black delegated night Heron, Indian lake Heron, basic coot, basic blue-green, green sandpiper, mallard, Caspian Gull, Little Egret, Brahminy Kite, Great Cormorant and other ordinary relocating fowls. The Shivapuri National Park and Nagarjun Hill Jungle likewise offer boundless jeopardized types of fowls like Black throated tit, Hume's Warbler, Himalayan Griffon, Mountain Bulbul, Bar-winged Flycatcher shrike, Gray headed Canary Flycatcher, Gray Winged Black Bird, Long followed Broadbill, Hair Crested Drongo, Rose ringed Parakeet, Gray Treepie, Striated Laughingthrush, Black Eagle, White Capped Redstart, Black Bulbul and numerous nearby feathered creatures are found. Other than these spots of the Kathmandu Valley the fields and sanctuaries and in addition rural region of the Kathmandu Valley regards you with the relocating and in addition coincidentally habituated winged animals in Nepal.

Welcome Nepal Treks & Tours offers this radiant and peaceful flying creature watching day visit in Kathmandu Valley or can also arrange for multi days bird watching tour in Nepal. Other than Kathmandu Valley the day visit can be masterminded in Koshi Tappu or in Chitwan National Park by voyaging by means of plane and directing the visit. Come and learn at that point watch the winged animals of Nepal with the feathered creature specialists of Welcome Nepal Treks & Tours in the best rates accessible.

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