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An entire collection of different scenes in landlocked Nepal gives it an emanation of puzzle and mystery which saw this Himalayan country escaped the world for quite a long time. Presently, with its entryways open to an enthusiastic world looking suffocate the worry of a specialized world; the pleasant urban communities of Nepal are home to notorious structures of old royal residences and sanctuaries, and you investigate a world that dislike yours – but rather one that will stimulate your interests to the grip. Welcome Nepal Treks & Tours quintessentially created Nepal Tour Package for the amusement of its valued clients.

Nepal Tour Package offers you occasions of an alternate kind where the flawless vistas are as different as the way of life that stir your interests. The bowl molded old Kathmandu valley is encompassed by mountains all around and as you wander on your vacation journeys, you investigate scattered medieval towns that remain in various pockets on the edges of the capital city that is Kathmandu, said to be the dwelling place the divine beings. This is the main core point of Nepal Tour Package.

The green slopes that ribbon the city is home to uncountable sanctuaries splattered with vermilion and floats of incense that enter your nostrils and wet your eyes with the impactful smoke and the squares and regal royal residences close-by possess an aroma similar to a history loaded with intrigue and catastrophe, and this makes most parts of the Kathmandu Valley UNESCO World Heritage Sites. From the wandering vacationer centers and the brilliant doodad shops of Thamel to the consecrated Buddhist sanctuary of Swayambhunath, Kathmandu places you worked up, rushes and pretty much entrances your faculties.

Nepal Tour Packages takes you to conventional Nepali towns only an hour outside of Kathmandu to the lethargic little village of Dhulikhel, which give you some amazing perspectives of the foothills and the high pinnacles of the north eastern Himalayas. Situated on the way of an old exchanging course connecting Nepal and Tibet, the town highlights old structures and old houses with mind boggling wood carvings with sanctuaries on each side of its lanes and squares free of activity and contamination that is actually an uncommon extravagance in an unbalanced creating Nepal. Some of these old houses are home to some expansive families that occasionally are occupied by more than 25 individuals of a similar family that take after customs as old as the mountains that encompass this little town.

As you wander out of the valley you journey over a picturesque expressway that takes you to the entryways of the considerable Annapurna Mountain, which starts from the lake city of Pokhara sitting cozily on the shores of Phewa Lake. Pokhara can well be known as the Mecca for trekkers and sightseers alike, the perfect asphalts of Lakeside and the conventional Old Town, makes Pokhara a virtual heaven for voyagers; remarkable perspectives of the Annapurna crests and the holy fishtail formed Machhapuchhre pinnacle can be seen, as a rule, appropriate from the rooms of the inns you book into.

Book any of the Nepal Tour Package put forwarded by us. You can relish beautiful Nepal with Kathmandu Valley Tour, Pokhara Tour, Lumbini Tour, Chitwan Tour, Adventure Tour etc. Get the best deals with us for the tour in Nepal. 

Nepal Tour Package Highlights

  • Explore the best Kathmandu Valley's attractions
  • Visiting Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha
  • Enjoy exploring the queen of cities- Pokhara
  • Check out the most magnificent flora and fauna of Nepal
  • Get suprised with the awestrucking beauty of snow-capped mountain peaks

Best Time to Visit Nepal | Best Season for Nepal Tour Packages

Before embarking on a journey to Nepal, the number one question that every visitor has is, "When is the best time for a Nepal Tour? “When are the attractions of Nepal best experienced?” The tours in Nepal are on various routes and locations with every traveler having distinct preferences. As a result, each tour has a unique window of opportunity for every traveler. For instance, if a traveler is looking to explore the wildlife of Nepal, he will mostly enjoy a jungle safari tour in Chitwan or Bardiya rather than going on a city tour. And if a traveler is looking to explore the mountains and the lifestyle of the Himalayas, he would probably enjoy Ghorepani PoonHIll Trek Package. The best part is that Welcome Nepal Treks organizes a wide range of tours and treks that can be the best opportunities for you to explore the outskirts of Nepal.

Looking at the big picture, September, October, and November are the ideal months for the majority of Nepal Tours. It is a time in Nepal when the weather is the most consistent and you also have mild temperatures making it a wonderful time to trek or hike. Similarly, you can also have a goodt time in the Terai region which is mostly popular as being the hotter part of Nepal. The time between September and November even makes way for the travelers to enjoy a good time in Terai Region. Some of the most popular Nepal Tours Travel Packages for family are the Kathmandu-Pokhara Tour, Chitwan-Pokhara Tour, and Bardiya Jungle Safari Tour. It all depends on your choice and interest of the tours. You can enjoy to the fullest and every second you spend there is a testament to what is going good in your life.

The autumn season is good for other reasons too. There is no snowfall in this season as monsoon already parts away and all you see is clearer weather making the platform set for a wonderful adventurous experience. The weather is magnificent and all you need to do is grab your backpack and go on the journey to the mountains and fall in love with nature all over again.

Another most loved time to go for treks and tours in Nepal is from late March to May. This is the season of spring and as everyone knows, spring is the time when a whole new wave of natural changes happens. You can just sit back and enjoy the enthralling smell of the new weather that is prevalent in the soil. The best part about traveling in Nepal in spring is that you won’t have to cope up with the excessive temperatures and the slippery trails.

Lumbini Tour Package is one of the best Nepal Tour Packages from Kathmandu also popular for family tours. Even though the Terai region is nearby, it is quite hot and humid. The months of May and June are ideal for Lumbini Tours. At this time, people are celebrating Buddha Jayanti. Since it commemorates the birthday of Gautam Buddha, The Messenger of Peace and the Light of Asia, Buddha Jayanti is a significant event for Buddhists. Most visitors stay away from Nepal in the monsoon season. However, some vacationers like to go during the monsoon season because it makes them feel more adventurous.

Best Nepal Tour Package | Top Nepal Tour Package

The most well-liked trip packages worldwide are those to Nepal. Nepal is well-known throughout the world as a destination that cannot be missed because it is both a trekkers' paradise and has a beautiful historical and cultural legacy. You can select from a range of tour packages, each with a unique specialty. For instance, the Kathmandu Valley Tour focuses on discovering the history, culture, and way of life of Kathmandu and its inhabitants. In contrast, the Lumbini Tour involves visiting the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, his early years, and significant Buddhist sites.

You must visit at least one of the top-selling Nepal tour packages and enjoy the time of your life. All of the top-selling Nepal tour packages are simply too great. The top Nepal tour packages, also known as Nepal tour packages for couples and families, are listed here.

  1. Kathmandu Tour Package
  2. Chitwan Tour Package
  3. Pokhara Tour Package
  4. Muktinath Tour Package
  5. Bardiya National Park Jungle Safari Tour
  6. Kathmandu-Chitwan-Pokhara Tour Package
  7. Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight Tour
  8. Kathmandu, Pokhara Tour Package
  9. Kathmandu, Chitwan Tour Package
  10. Kathmandu, Lumbini Tour Package
  11. Kathmandu, Pokhara Muktinath Tour Package
  12. Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara Muktinath Tour Package
  13. Kathmandu Lumbini Pokhara Package
  14. Kathmandum, Nagarkot and Pokhara Tour Package

There are several choices of Nepal Budget Tour Packages including 3 days, 4 days budget tour packages for visitors who are time-constrained and wish to complete the Nepal tour on a tight budget. Your time and money are well spent on each and every one of the tour packages. The following are some well-liked and worthwhile low-cost tour packages and time-limited tour packages:-

  • 3 Days 4 Nights Nepal Tour Package for Couple
  • 4 Nights 5 Days Tour in Nepal
  • 3 Nights 4 Days Chitwan Safari Tour
  • 4 Days Nepal Cultural Tour

Nepal Tour Package for Families and Couples 

Since the focus of Nepal tour packages is discovering the amazing locations in Nepal, there is a lot for them to show you. You will get to see Nepal's incredible animals, mountains, culture, and history. The tours don't require a high level of physical skill and are quite accessible. Therefore, a person can finish the vacation with his family and also have a ton of fun. Children will like the experience, especially given how well-liked jungle safari excursions are.

For family vacations, Nepal tour packages are well-liked for this reason. In addition, after marriage, couples have wonderful times together, and Nepal tour packages are the perfect for such excursions. The top family-friendly Nepal tour packages are the Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour, Bardiya National Park Tour, and Lumbini Tour Packages. Popular honeymoon trip packages in Nepal include the Pokhara Trip and the Kathmandu Valley Trip. All these tour packages in Nepal are the tour package from Kathmandu. There are thousands of travelers who come from India to Nepal for a great traveling experience. The most popular Nepal Tour Packages from India are the pilgrimage tours. Most Indian pilgrimages love to travel to Kathmandu to visit Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, Budhanilkantha, and many other heritages which are enlisted in the World Heritage List by UNESCO.

Hotel and Accommodation in Nepal Tour Package

When you are traveling with Welcome Nepal Treks, you will be treated with reserved 3-star hotels for the stays while on their tours of Nepal. The greatest lodging and delicious food from many international cuisines will be provided for you. Which tour you take determines the hotel where you will stay. The amenities offered by hotels will vary depending on the city. The accommodations you'll stay in in Pokhara and Kathmandu will be more varied and extensive than those in Bardiya. There will be comfortable lodging, a water facility open around-the-clock, WiFi, and a wonderful atmosphere. All in all, you will be rewarded with the best hotel experience.

Food and Meals in Nepal Tour Package

Regarding the food, you will have some incredible delicacies from various cuisines on your Nepal Tours. On any Nepal tour, Dal-Bhat would be the most popular meal (a famous Nepali dish). You will also have additional choices. Most hotels offer bread, eggs, sausages, mushrooms, noodles, and tea for breakfast. The dish can be ordered however you like. Similarly, you will also get to choose some dishes on particular days of the week. You can have pancakes and spaghetti. Your time eating various foods while residing in some of Nepal's top hotels will be wonderful in every way.

Drinking Water Facilities in Nepal Tour Package

The majority of the water you consume while on a Nepal tour will be packaged bottled water. Water bottles made of plastic that are sealed are available. The greatest options for drinking water can be boiled drinking water in restaurants and hotels. Similarly, there are also other options of carrying water bottle where you will be carrying water from the hotels. Hotels and lodges serve you bottled drinking water and boiled drinking water.

However, if you are traveling to remote places, and there is no facility of pure drinking water. You can always carry water purification tablets and put them in water to make it purified. If all you have is hot water, you can also travel with hot water in a thermos. If you are traveling to Nepal, you don’t need to worry about the drinking water facility, Welcome Nepal Treks will sort that out for you.

What to Bring on a Nepal Tour | Packing List for Nepal Tour Packages

One of the greatest ways to experience a once-in-a-lifetime moment is with a Nepal tour package. There are some items you should include in your trip package in order to make your time memorable for all the right reasons. There are also some extra necessary stuff for tour packages. For instance, the things you need for a Kathmandu Tour will be little different than what you will be wanting for Lumbini Tour Package. It is because the weather and the purpose of visiting can create a slight difference. So, what should you actually bring on your Nepal tour? The following is a list of items to pack for a tour of Nepal:-

  • Sunhat
  • Sunglasses and Sunscreen Cream
  • Backpack
  • Breathable T-shirts and shorts
  • Socks
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Water Bottle
  • Cameras
  • Mobile Phones
  • Powerbank with Extra Batteries
  • Water purification tablets

Laundry Services during Nepal Tour Package

You will probably spend the most of your time in hotels while on a Nepal tour. As a result, the hotels will provide you laundry services. Give the hotel personnel your soiled clothes, and they will do the laundry for you. It is not a difficult chore, so relax. You can also provide the hotel personnel instructions on how to wash particular items of clothing that cannot be laundered with other items of clothing. If you don’t want to do laundry for clothes, you can always carry them on a different plastic bag and wash them after the tour. But, for that you need to carry extra clothes that can add weight to your backpack.

Nepal Tour Package Price | Nepal Tour Package Cost For Nepali 

The top travel packages are not free. Additionally, the majority of tourists prefer to visit Nepal on a tight budget. It's because they intend to use the money they have saved for further causes. "How much does a tour to Nepal cost? "is one of the traveling paradigm's most popular queries.

The price of your Nepal vacation package will vary depending on where you're going and what hotels you'll be staying in along the way. Typically, a tour in Nepal costs between $200 and $1,000. The cost of a Nepal tour is the same for Nepalis as well. The only difference is when you pay for any entry or travel permits, which are more expensive for foreigners than for Nepalese residents.

Personal Expenses on Nepal Tour Package

The above-mentioned tour cost is an estimate of the tour price you must pay to the travel company. Travelers can also take advantage of loyalty programs and group savings. The personal expenses included in Nepal tour packages, however, vary from person to person. Put about $100 aside for personal expenses. You could need money to go shopping or to leave a tip. The minimum you can take is roughly $100, and you can take as much as you can afford.

How to prepare for a Nepal Tour Package? | Nepal Tour Package Preparation Tips

The Nepali tours are not as challenging as the Nepali treks. Therefore, getting ready for Nepal tours is not a big concern. In Nepal, you can get ready for your upcoming trip. You should start by doing some research about the locations you plan to visit. You can choose your attire based on the environment and weather. Finding the best restaurants in a location is another consideration for any tour. Therefore, you can enjoy a delicious dinner outside while you're there. Making a packing list for the trip is another thing to do to ensure that you don't forget any essential goods.

Where can I get the best offers for Nepal Tour Package?

The best tour packages in the world are in Nepal waiting for travelers who will put their heart and soul on the traveling and exploration. The best travel experiences come with the best travel packages of the best travel buddies. You can choose from a wide variety of events and destinations. You can reserve your upcoming vacation to Nepal through a number of different travel agencies. The best option among the travel agencies is indeed is Welcome Nepal Treks. The highly skilled tour organizers provide you access to a ton of incredible amenities and incentives.

The Welcome Nepal Treks team creates the finest schedule for the tourists because they have worked in the travel industry for such a long time and know their clients well. You don't want your trip to Nepal to be boring, right? The best way to prevent that is by using Welcome Nepal Treks to make your next Nepal tour reservation. Remember Welcome Nepal Treks for the best small group and private tours, customizable tour itinerary and 24/7 customer service.

Why Book a Nepal Tour Package?

Nepal is a country that combines nature, history, and culture all in one place. The top tour packages in Nepal provide the best travel experiences. Then why choose Nepal tour packages? Let's examine the factors that make Nepali vacation packages so well-liked and suitable for all tourists.

  • Eight of the fourteen eight-thousander mountains are found in Nepal.
  • Every visitor, regardless of past tour experience, can find the greatest treks and tours in Nepal.
  • You have the option of going on city tours in addition to trekking on the Annapurna and Everest Base Camp treks, two of the world's top trekking routes.
  • Every Buddhist pilgrim has a dream to visit this sacred location at least once in their lifetime because it is the location of Gautam Buddha's birth. Through the Lumbini Tour Package, it is feasible.
  • Nepal Holidays packages are also well-liked as family, kid, and couple vacation packages.