Do You Need A Visa To Travel To Nepal?

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Do You Need A Visa To Travel To Nepal?

Are you planning a trip to Nepal? Do you book a Nepal tour? If yes, then you should obtain the visa to make your travel hassle-free. Obtaining the tourist's visa is the first requirement, which you need to fulfill to travel to Nepal. Nepal government offers visas for 15days, 30days, and 90days validity. Every visa allows visitors to enter the country several times within the allotted time. To get the tourists visa, you need to avail, fill up, and submit the application to the Nepal Embassy. As visa becomes mandatory for your travel, it is necessary to know the way to get it. Are you tired of looking at the site where you get instructions to get the visa? If yes, then read the blog because we have mentioned the requirements and guidelines to avail the visa easily and quickly.

Things you need to apply for the visa

Do you wish to apply for the visa to enjoy your Nepal tour? Look at the items you should have before getting application from the concerned office.

  • Passport
  • Paper clip
  • Passport-sized photo
  • Prepaid self-addressed return envelop along with postage

How to apply for a visa

Firstly, you should get the visa application from your nearest Nepal Embassy. Fill up the form with all the required details, sign, and date the application form. You can use the paper clip in order to attach the passport size of your photo to complete the application. Ensure you attach the photo in the “affix your passport size photo here” box. Pay the visa fee either by the cash or cashier’s check. Remember that you should make payment to the Embassy of Nepal. Before that check the amount you need to pay according to number days you want to spend in Nepal. You have to mail your passport, visa application, return envelope, and fee. Or else, you can submit these things in person to the Permanent Mission of Nepal or Embassy of Nepal. In the application form, both addresses are available.

Important things about Nepal visa

  • Your passport should be valid for at least six months right from the date of your entry into Nepal.
  • You should utilize your visa within the six months of the issuance.
  • The Nepal Embassy will issue your visa after seven days upon receiving the proof of your application payment

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