How difficult are the treks?

The difficulty of trekking, it’s also depend of yours trekking route option. Trekking in the Himalaya, the shorter treks is easier then while the longer and high passes trekking route require some physical fitness. It’s also depend of yours sprite of adventure. Be prepared for some steps trails leading to amazing views. The place at which you hike is up to you. The Nepal Trekking and Hiking company have friendly, experience and dependable Sherpa, porters to assist you with your personal gear.

Where do we stay on a trek?

Normally, you can do the two kind of trekking in the Himalaya. They are: camping Himalaya Trekking Holiday and tea house Himalaya Trekking Holiday. When you are doing a camping Trekking holiday during that situation, yours trekking crew like: Sherpa, Guide, Sardar and potters will be organizing yours tent where acceptable facilities exist, normally we use that. You need not worry about that even you never camped before. The tent we are providing are roomy, the sleeping pads/mattress is comfortable. During yours Himalaya Trekking periods there is a bathroom tent and dining tent with tables and camp stools, providing a cozy, comfortable atmosphere to eat and chat with fellow trekkers during the evening.

In the tea house Himalaya trekking holiday, you will be normally spend yours night in tea house. Actually Tea house is the combination of guesthouse, restaurant (Bhatti), house and social hang out. Our many years of experience along these routes have helped us fried least, cleanest and most enjoyable tea house with the best views. Most of the tea houses have running water. Many have hot water heated by kerosene, gas due to the lack of firewood in the most villages. Deforestation is being a big environmental concern in Himalayas. We always encourage to all ours trekkers along the Everest, Langtang, and Annapurna treks to try our tea house treks.

Where and what type of food will be served?

If you are in the camping Himalaya trek, you will have your own kitchen staff and food. In that way will prepare all meals and snacks. Normally, before you start to trek, you will get information about yours food item list, according to yours choice and depend on possible in Himalaya Region.

In the tea house trekking, you will eat breakfast and dinner at yours tea house, where you stay. We will be stop for lunch at one of the various trail side restaurant. There will be easy to find snacks in on the most of popular trekking routes. Almost every tea house serves the traditional Nepali meal: Dal Bhat(Rice, curried and lentils) also known as Nepali veg. set. All tea houses we stay at have a varieties of different food in the menu.

How safe is the food?

Food safety is being always a big concern while in the Himalaya trekking. This is why we always do our best to choose tea houses with clean and sanitary kitchens. The food, which will serve during the camping Himalaya Trekking, is completely safe. On ours tea house Himalaya trekking, we provide a cook to prepare safe and testy meals with our own set of cookery as well as hygienic cleaning facilities.

Where do we get water during the trip?

The boiled water you can get in the all tea houses in the Himalaya Trekking. How much you need water, during the trekking period, yours experience local trekking guide will be provide you a safe drinking water. You can also purchase of plastic bottles water while in the Himalaya Trekking. Even though, we strongly discourage the purchase of bottle water while on the trekking in the Himalaya. Actually the Nepal trekking and hiking company is being seriously concerned about the environmental problem in the Himalaya region. The plastic bottles are difficult to dispose.

Is the water safe to drink?

Nepal Trekking and Hiking Company have very well trained guide and Sherpa. While you will be in Himalaya trekking holiday, they will be provided your water needs. The Himalaya guide will make sure all water is boiled and treated with iodine. It is 100% effective in killing the bacteria in water.

What happens if there is an emergency?

Nepal Trekking and Hiking Company, itself has very well trained Himalayan guide and sherpas. They are trained in First aid and can deal with most of the basic elements that occur during a Himalaya trekking. But in case, there will be any serious emergency occurs, and then outside help will be needed. That’s why every client should have their own insurance before Himalaya Trekking. If an emergency occurs, Nepal Trekking and Hiking Company will initially cover the cost of an evacuation until your insurance company can deliver payment. The company prides itself on being prepared for any emergency situation.

Is there a doctor on the trek?

Most of the Nepal Trekking is in the Himalayan remote area. During the Himalaya trekking we can’t guarantee a doctor can be available on the Himalaya trekking trail. Only in the few Himalaya trekking region, some time rarely, can be find the doctors. But we do try to encourage suitably experienced medical personnel to join our high altitude treks by affecting a discount in return looking after the medical needs of a group. In addition to trek doctors, our group lead ears are trained in first aid kids.

Could you tell me how much money I need?

Without knowing yours plan with Nepal Trekking and Nepal Travel, it is a bit difficult to explain. It all depends on what you would like to do tour, Trekking, Rafting, wildlife safari etc. It also depend on the type of hotels you want to your accommodation and the number of days you want to spent in Nepal. Plz let us know about your plan and we will help you in deciding how much money to bring. We also provide a safe locker, in our office for your money air tickets and other valuables, which you can leave behind while on a trek or a tour.

How are Himalaya guide? And what kind of experience do our guides have?

"Guide" means a person who, in connection with a tour, trekking a various activities of tourist, act as guide in the presence of tourist on the basis of remuneration. In fact, the guide is the person who accompanies visitors on foot or by vehicle to Himalaya Trekking, historical monuments and places of local interest and gives commentaries and explanations on any aspect of his country and his local places or place visited.

Actually, the Nepal Trekking and Hiking Company is an organization of guides. We all are guide, from various Himalaya remote regions in Nepal. We all guides have training of first aid kids, basis environmental training and food beverage training and know how to react in any situation. We all have sepent year exploring the mountains and country side of Nepal. Most importantly our guide is friendly and enjoyable and always read to share with you the true beauty of Nepal.

What would be when I am single or with my family?

We do organize single guided Himalaya Trekking /Tour and group tour, on your interest. If you are alone and willing to join other people, this is possible always on yours request, we will provide all the details of the trekking members and size of the trekking groups that you’re joining. People travelling with us may be of any nationalities, either sex, alone or accompanied, experienced travelers or complete beginners. Groups are always small (in general 12 or less). English is the common language, and there can be a age-range. We apply no super age limit, though over 70 for their doctor’s confirmation of their fitness to participate. Generally speaking, we regard our trips as being for adults: unaccompanied minors are not accepted. But of course we will accept accompanied minors. Our family trek is designed to accommodate younger children.

Will we have private rooms and bathrooms in mountain?

Except very high altitude, remote Himalaya Trekking place, normally private rooms are available in the most tea house, bathrooms are shared. When we have booking group for Himalaya Trekking, normally, we already book the room in the tea house in the Himalaya trekking trail through or local guide. On our lodge treks we also provide someone to clean all room facilities for our group. Our lodge trek also includes bed and pillow covers.

What we do every day in trekking?

In the camping Himalaya trekking, normally yours activities begins around 6 am with a mug of coffee or tea served through your tent flap. Hot water is provided for washing and shaving, followed by breakfast water is provided for your water containers. We strike camp and begin walking in the pleased cool of the morning for 2-4 hours before stopping for lunch. This two-hour break offers an opportunity to write in your diary, read and relax. The full meal typically includes fresh fruit, tinned meat, cheese, rice chapattis or biscuits, cooked vegetables, and tea or coffee. We usually reach our campsite by 4 pm and have tea and biscuits shortly after wards. There is time to rest or explore before our evening meal at 6 pm. This is the social event of the day. It begins with an appetizer and soup, followed by the main course and desert with tea or coffee. The variety and quality of our “Camp” food will delight you. Guest keeps threatening to take our cooks home! As we mainly camp near villages, there is usually plenty of time to visit the locals before or after dinner and sample their home brews. After dinner yours guide will give you information about tomorrow’s program. In the same time you can chat with yours trekking crew about various matters.

In the tea house trekking, you will normally wake up at 7:00 pm and yours guide will be look after yours breakfast items. When you will be ready after back packing your breakfast will be in yours table. After Breakfast you will start to trek towards yours next destination. On the way the guide will share various information about the place and other useful information, which you need. In the noon time, you will have lunch on the trail restaurant. In the evening time, you will reach to yours tea house. Yours guide will be already confirmed yours room in tea house. After yours short rest in tea house, and having after shower your may have explore the local village as your interest. In the evening time will be enjoy with yours dinner and nice chatting with your trekking crew. You will be normally get all the information about your next day’s schedule by trekking guide.