Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

Trip Information
  • Trip Duration5 Days
  • DestinationNepal
  • Trip Grade Easy
  • Max. Altitude 500m
  • Trip Type Sightseeing
  • Accommodation Tea House
  • Transport Drive in - Drive Out

The Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is situated on the flood plains of the Sapta-Koshi River in Eastern Nepal and cover 175 sq. km. The reserve is a wetland of international significance. In 1987, it was declared a Samsar site. It is home to more than 280 bird species including 20 duck species, 2 species of ibises, many storks, egrets and herons. The endangered swamp partridge and Bengal florican are found here. The Koshi Barge is an extremely important resting-place for migratory birds. The last surviving population of wild buffalo or arna is found here. The reserve is also home to many types of mammals such as hog deer, spotted deer, wild boar and blue bull. The endangered Gharial crocodile and Gangetic Dolphin have been recorded in the Koshi River. The vegetation mainly includes tall khar-pater grasslands with a few patches of khair-sissoo scrub forest and deciduous mixed riverine forest. During the monsoon, the reserve is flooded with depths ranging from 10 to 300 cm. From season to season the Sapta Koshi River changes its course.

Where is the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve located?

The Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is located in Nepal. It is situated in the eastern part of the country, in the Terai region, which is the lowland plains bordering India.

Best time to go Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

The best time to visit the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve in Nepal is during the Winter Season (October to March). This is considered the peak season for visiting Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. During the winter months, the weather is cooler and drier, making it an excellent time for birdwatching and wildlife viewing. Pre-Monsoon Season (February to April) is another favorable time to visit the reserve. The weather is still pleasant, and it's an excellent time for birdwatching. The landscape is lush and green, and many resident birds and mammals are active during this time.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve in autumn season (Sept – Nov)

Visiting Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve in the autumn season is an excellent choice for experiencing the beauty and biodiversity of this natural wonder. During this time of year, the reserve offers a blend of favorable weather conditions and incredible wildlife sightings. The autumn season in Koshi Tappu brings pleasant temperatures, with daytime highs ranging from around 25°C to 30°C (77°F to 86°F), making it comfortable for outdoor activities. The weather is typically dry and clear, allowing for crisp and beautiful views of the landscape. Moreover, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve in the autumn season offers a perfect blend of pleasant weather, prime bird watching opportunities, and increased chances of observing a variety of wildlife in their natural habitat. It's an ideal time for an enriching and memorable wildlife experience.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve in winter season (Dec- Feb)

Winter in Koshi Tappu brings cooler temperatures, with daytime highs ranging from approximately 15°C to 25°C (59°F to 77°F). Nights can be chilly, so be sure to pack warm clothing for the evenings and early mornings. Winter is an excellent time for birdwatching in Koshi Tappu. Many migratory bird species from colder regions visit the reserve during this season, making it a prime time for bird enthusiasts. You can expect to see a wide variety of bird species in their winter plumage. The landscape remains relatively lush during the early part of the winter season, as the effects of the monsoon rains from the previous months still linger. This can provide a beautiful backdrop for your visit.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve in spring season (March- May)

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve during the spring season can be a great choice for experiencing the natural beauty and wildlife of the region. Spring in Koshi Tappu brings mild and pleasant weather, with daytime temperatures ranging from approximately 20°C to 30°C (68°F to 86°F). The days are warmer than in winter, and the evenings are relatively comfortable. Spring is an excellent time for birdwatching. The lush vegetation and water sources that have been replenished by the previous monsoon season provide a suitable environment for wildlife. You might have the opportunity to spot various mammals, such as deer, wild buffalo, and other animals in their natural habitat. The landscape is vibrant and lush during spring, with blooming flowers and green vegetation, creating a picturesque backdrop for your visit.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve in monsoon season (Jun - Aug)

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve during the monsoon season is generally not recommended due to heavy and persistent rainfall. This can result in flooding, muddy trails, and difficult travel conditions, making it challenging to explore the reserve.The heavy rains can lead to road closures and landslides in the region, limiting your ability to access the reserve. It can be frustrating and even dangerous to travel during this time. Many animals in the reserve become less active during the monsoon season, and they may be circulated due to the large quantity of water. The dense vegetation and wet conditions also make wildlife viewing more difficult. While there may be some unique experiences to be had during the monsoon season, such as observing the lush, green landscape and the behavior of animals adapted to the wet conditions, the challenges and inconveniences of visiting Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve during this time may balance the benefits.

Important Notes during Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

  • While booking, we need the photocopy of your passport and you have to pay us a minimum of 10% payment of the total cost as advance.
  • Check if any local festivals or events are happening during your visit. Participating in these can be a unique cultural experience but may affect accommodation availability.
  • Always seek permission before taking photographs of people, especially in rural areas. Some locals may not be comfortable with photography, so it's essential to respect their privacy.
  • Beverages, snacks, are not included in our packages, so you have to pay additional cash.
  • Carry a reusable water bottle and use water purification tablets like iodine, aquatabs tablets.
  • Pack your clothes according to the seasonal basis.
  • Carry enough Nepalese rupees for your trip, as not all places may accept credit cards.
  • If you encounter wildlife, keep a safe distance and follow the instructions of your guide. Do not approach animals, especially large or potentially dangerous species.
  • Consider purchasing comprehensive travel insurance to cover any unforeseen emergencies.
  • We suggest you not to book your international flights early as there may be sudden change in weather which will make your flights delay or even cancel.
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            Cost Details
            Cost Includes

            All Local pick up drop and necessary Transportation, Permits, Guide, Accommodation, and All Meals.

            Cost Excludes

            Bar bills, Laundry and expenses of personal nature.

            Essential Information

            What to bring in 5 days Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve?

            • Comfortable clothing
            • Comfortable footwear
            • Swimming suits
            • Sun protection
            • Travel documents
            • Cash and cards
            • First aid kit
            • Water bottles
            • Personal hygiene items
            • Camera
            • Small backpack
            • Guide book or maps
            • Flashlight or Headlamp
            • Insect Repellent
            • Basic Toiletries

            Accommodations during Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

            Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve offers a range of accommodation options to suit various budgets and preferences. While the accommodations may not be as luxurious as those in more touristy areas, they provide a comfortable and immersive experience in the natural surroundings. Guesthouses and lodges in the nearby villages that provide basic accommodation options. While the level of luxury and amenities may vary between different lodges, but we provide well-maintained and comfortable rooms with essential furnishings and bedding. Also, many lodges offer rooms with attached private bathrooms, ensuring convenience and privacy during your stay.

            Meals and drinks during Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

            When visiting Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, meals and drinks are typically available at the accommodations you choose. The menu often includes a variety of choices, featuring a mix of local and international cuisine. You can expect options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You will be mostly served Nepali cuisine often includes rice, lentils, vegetables, and flavorful spices. Lodges typically offer a selection of beverages, including water, soft drinks, tea, and coffee. Alcoholic beverages like beer may also be available, but it's a good idea to check with the lodge regarding their drink offering. It's important to note that the availability of meals and the variety of choices may vary between accommodations. It's a good practice to inquire about meal options and any special requests when making your reservations.

            Risks during 5 days Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

            Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve have some potential risks and challenges to be aware of. Here are some of the risks:

            • Chances of wildlife attack
            • Insects bites
            • Weather conditions
            • River and Water Activities
            • Local Customs
            • Conservation Ethics

            Guides during Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

            The services of a knowledgeable guide during your visit to Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve can significantly enhance your experience. Guides are familiar with the reserve's flora, fauna, and ecosystems. They can provide in-depth information about the wildlife, helping you spot and understand the species you encounter. They are well-versed in navigating the area safely. They can help you avoid potential risks, ensure proper wildlife etiquette, and assist in case of emergencies. Furthermore, guides have a keen eye for spotting wildlife, which can be challenging for untrained visitors

            ATM and money exchange facilities during Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

            While it's a remote area, you may not find modern banking facilities or ATMs within the reserve itself. Therefore, it's important to plan ahead and ensure you have enough cash with you before entering the reserve. You can exchange foreign currency for Nepalese Rupees in major cities like Kathmandu or Biratnagar, which are the nearest major urban centers to Koshi Tappu. It's a good idea to do this before heading to the reserve.

            Insurance during Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

            Obtaining travel insurance is a careful and highly recommended step when embarking on Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. This type of insurance provides essential coverage and peace of mind during your journey. The reserve’s remote and natural environment means that unexpected situations can arise, from health issues to trip disruptions caused by weather or unforeseen circumstances. Travel insurance typically covers medical emergencies, evacuation, and treatment in case of illness or injury, which is particularly crucial in regions with limited access to healthcare facilities.

            Tipping during Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

            Tipping is a customary practice during Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, and it serves as a way to show appreciation for the services provided by guides, drivers, hotel and lodge staff, and other service professionals. Tipping practices can vary, so it's essential to measure the quality of service and your level of satisfaction when deciding on the tip amount. While tipping is customary, it's not obligatory and should be given as a token of gratitude for good service.

            Can I join the Group on Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve?

            Yes, you can join a group tour to Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. Welcome Nepal Treks offer group tours that allow solo travelers or smaller groups to join a larger tour group. Group tours provide an opportunity to share the experience with fellow travelers, often at a more affordable price point than a private tour. It's a great way to meet new people and explore Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve attractions as part of a guided group adventure.

            Can I book the tour to Private Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve?

            Yes, you can book private Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve through Welcome Nepal Treks. We offer customizable private tours allowing you to tailor the itinerary to your preferences and travel at your own pace. The tours typically include transportation, accommodation, and guided excursions, giving you the flexibility to explore Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve and its surroundings according to your interests and schedule.

            What is the Cost of the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve?

            The cost of 5 days Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve Tour can vary based on several factors including the type of tour (private or group), the level of services and accommodation, and the season of trekking you choose. According to the service, accommodation provided by us (Welcome Nepal Treks), we offer the 5 days Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve tour at a very reasonable price. We offer this splendid Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve tour package around US$1000 with the quality services. The cost includes the transportation fees, accommodation, service charge and everything mentioned in the package.

            Booking and Payment Policies of Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

            If you want to book the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve Tour with Welcome Nepal Treks then, we need the photocopy of your passport and you have to pay us a minimum of 10% payment of the total cost as advance. You can pay us through different medium like cash, bank transfer, or online. We accept booking deposits through Credit Cards (Master Card or Visa and many more). You can also pay us direct cash. We also accept your last minute booking but the booking should be done at least before one day prior to the trip departure date. If you have any question regarding the tour, then feel free to contact us.

            Trip extension after Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve?

            Extending your trip after your Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve tour is a great way to explore more of Nepal's diverse attractions. Here are some trip extension options you might consider:

            • Everest Base Camp Trek
            • Langtang Valley Trek
            • Upper Mustang Trek
            • Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek
            • Chitwan National Park Safari
            • Bardia National Park Safari
            • Rara Lake Trek
            • Manaslu Circuit Trek
            • Tansen and Palpa
            • Lumbini – the birthplace of Lord Buddha
            • Pokhara Adventure Activities
            • Kalinchowk Temple Trek
            • Gosainkunda Trek
            • Hiking in Nagarkot
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