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Car Rental Service in Nepal

Renting a car in Nepal provide a convenient and flexible solution for individuals seeking comfortable temporary transportation. Welcome Nepal Treks offers the best car rental services. These services typically offer a diverse of vehicles, ranging from compact cars to SUVs, luxury vehicles, and even specialty options like vans, HiAce, mini bus, etc. One can choose the vehicle depending on their needs and group size, whether you are solo or on a group you can choose as per your requirements. Customers can rent a vehicle for a specified duration, whether it be a few hours, a day, a week, or even longer, depending on their needs.

For those seeking an enriching travel experience, Welcome Nepal Treks offer luxury vehicles with premium amenities, providing comfort and style for the trips. Additionally, specialty options such as vans or trucks are often available, accommodating varying passenger capacities. This variety in vehicle choices allows customers to select the most suitable option for their intended use, whether it be a family vacation, or a weekend getaway with friends. Take control of your journey by adjusting the temperature, playing your favorite music, and relishing the ride in a comfortable and relaxed ambiance. With highly comfortable car we also provide you with skilled and professional driver. The inclusion of a driver can significantly enhance the overall travel experience, especially in destinations where local knowledge, road conditions, and navigation expertise are valuable. Welcome Nepal Treks offer this rental service of various vehicles at a reasonable price with high quality. However, our car rental service provides rates that are based on factors like the type of vehicle chosen and the duration of the rental, ensuring clear pricing for our customers.

Renting a car in Nepal with us is a gateway to an enriched travel experience, offering unparalleled flexibility, convenience, and the freedom to explore the region on your terms. Whether you're on a solo adventure or traveling with friends or family, renting a car in Nepal transforms your trip into a personalized and memorable exploration with lots of beautiful memories.

Major Highlights of Rent a car in Nepal

  • Enjoy a comfortable and private travel experience
  • Convenience of exploring specific destination of Nepal at your own pace
  • Variety of vehicles including cars, SUVs, etc. with luxurious interiors
  • Experienced and professional driver ensuring smooth ride
  • Time saving compared to public transportation

Best time/ season for renting a car in Nepal

The best time for renting a car in Nepal is during the spring and autumn seasons, which span from March to May and September to November, respectively. During these months, the weather is generally stable, with clear skies and moderate temperatures, making it ideal for road trips and exploration. Spring brings lush greenery and blooming flowers, while autumn offers clear views of the stunning Himalayan landscapes. These seasons provide best conditions for both the lowland and mountainous regions, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience. While you can also try in other season but it may not be the best experience you want. Monsoon season (June to August) may bring heavy rainfall and challenging road conditions, while winter (December to February) can bring cold temperatures and potential snowfall at mountainous region, making spring and autumn the preferred seasons for car rentals in Nepal. Monsoon and winter can also be good experience depending on the weather and places to visit, so when planning to hire a car in Nepal, it is crucial to consider road conditions and weather-related challenges.

Why to rent a car in Nepal with Welcome Nepal Treks

Welcome Nepal Treks offers outstanding car rental services in Nepal. We offer our customers a comfortable, smooth and safe journey without hassle of public transportation. It is beneficial to rent a car with us as we provide the service at a reasonable price fulfilling all your needs and requirements. We also provide experienced and knowledgeable drivers who are familiar with the local culture, history, and road regulations, offering valuable insights during your trip. Welcome Nepal Treks offer customizable itineraries, allowing you to tailor your travel plans according to your interests. Explore Nepal with confidence in our well-maintained vehicles, each ensure optimal performance on the diverse roads of this beautiful country. Our vehicles claim comfortable interiors equipped with comfortable seatings and efficient air-conditioning systems, providing a pleasant and enjoyable journey. Choose from our variety of vehicles, at reasonable prices, and experience the comfort and convenience that make your travel through Nepal truly memorable.

Booking and payment policies of Rent a car in Nepal

Booking Requirements:

  • To secure your car rental, we require a photocopy of your passport for booking purposes.

Advance Payment:

A minimum advance payment of 10% of the total cost is mandatory to confirm your booking. This payment can be made through various mediums, including cash, bank transfer, or online transactions. We accept booking deposits via Credit Cards (MasterCard or Visa) as well. Direct cash payments are also accepted.

Payment Options:

You can conveniently pay through different mediums including cash, bank transfer, and online payments, with the added convenience of Credit Card payments, including MasterCard and Visa.

Last-Minute Booking:

While we accommodate last-minute bookings, we kindly request that these bookings be made at least one day before the scheduled trip departure date to ensure a smooth arrangement.


If you have any questions regarding our vehicles or the booking process, please feel free to contact us. Our team will provide you with the necessary information to make your car rental experience with Welcome Nepal Treks seamless and enjoyable.

Nepal Car Rental Features:

Our car rental service is designed to uplift your travel experience in Nepal with exceptional features. From the moment you choose our service, you can expect the highest standards of quality and reliability. We take pride in offering a diverse vehicle including luxury, deluxe, and budget-friendly options, including cars, jeeps, vans, buses, coasters, and minibuses. The vehicles have well maintained interiors with air conditioning, comfortable seatings, speaker to listen relaxing music. Convenience is key, and our well-trained, highly experienced drivers will provide you help whenever needed. We provide the best skilled driver, providing you with a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and values during your journey. With services available in major cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini, Nagarkot, and Bandipur, our car rental is your gateway to explore Nepal with comfort and style.

Why to Rent a Car in Nepal?

Renting a car in Nepal comes with several benefits that enhance the overall travel experience in this diverse and culturally rich country. Having a rental car provides the flexibility to traverse various terrains, from bustling city streets to remote mountainous regions. Moreover, renting a car in Nepal offers the convenience of setting your own schedule and itinerary. This allows travelers to visit attractions at their own pace and discover hidden gems that might be missed with fixed transportation schedules. Whether it's a road trip through the Kathmandu Valley or a journey to the Himalayan foothills, renting a car in Nepal enhances the overall travel experience by providing freedom, convenience, and the opportunity for authentic exploration.

Are all fees included in rental car?

When opting for our car rental services in Nepal, your package includes a comprehensive insurance coverage, providing you peace of mind throughout your rental period. We also provide professional driver for a seamless and stress-free journey. We take care of necessary fuels, ensuring your vehicle is ready for the road. Parking fees are covered, providing convenience at various stops along your route. Driver expenses, including meals and accommodation, are part of the service. To guarantee a transparent and hassle-free experience, government taxes are also incurred into the overall package. However, there are some extra charges you have to pay by yourself such as your foods, drinks, accommodations and any other personal expenses.

Car Rental Price in Nepal

With Welcome Nepal Treks, Car rental prices in Nepal typically range from $50 to $250, depending on various factors such as the type of vehicle, rental duration, and the destination. The cost includes: a professional driver, necessary Fuels, parking fees, driver expenses, government taxes. Basic or smaller vehicles may fall within the lower end of this range, suitable for short-term rentals. On the other hand, larger vehicles, luxury cars, or rentals with additional services may fall into the higher price range. You can rent the car to any destinations like Nagarkot, Pokhara, Lumbini, Bandipur, Chitwan, Dhulikhel, etc.

Tipping for drivers while renting a car in Nepal

Tipping for drivers when renting a car in Nepal is a customary practice and is generally appreciated. While there may not be a fixed percentage, it's common to tip drivers as a token of gratitude for their service. The amount can vary based on factors like the duration of the rental, the driver's professionalism, and the overall satisfaction with the service provided. Offering a tip is a way to recognize the driver's efforts, local knowledge, and dedication to ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey. Consider tipping them on the last day as a token of appreciation, not only acknowledging their efforts but also motivating them to continue delivering excellent service. Ultimately, tipping to driver during your car rental service is a personal choice, allowing you to express your gratitude in a meaningful way.

Top Destinations for renting a car in Nepal

There are many beautiful and Popular destinations to explore in Nepal. Renting a car with us will make your journey smooth and comfortable. Renting a car provides the flexibility to explore each at your own pace, ensuring a memorable and personalized journey through Nepal. Here are some of the top destinations for renting a car in Nepal:

  • Kathmandu to Chitwan
  • Pokhara to Lumbini
  • Katmandu to Lumbini
  • Kathmandu to Dhulikhel
  • Kathmandu to Nagarkot
  • Pokhara to Chitwan
  • Bandipur to Pokhara
  • Kathmandu Airport Transfer and many more.

Road Transportation Serive in Nepal

Nepal Transportation Service is highly dependent on road transportation. Most of the hilly areas of Nepal Trekking and tour are connected with the road network. Annapurna Circuit Trek has shortened because of the road network up t Chame. Moreover, the Jomsom Muktinath Trekking is completely a road trip after the road network up to Upper Mustang. There is an option to use the road transportation for the trip of Upper Mustang. Therefore, travelers can get varieties of options for the trip to Nepal.

You will be offered with the varieties of Nepal Transportation Service according to the availability and whichever suited the best. 

A. Long Term Basis
Please contact us for long term rental. We provides our service for NGO, INGO, Project and Organisation, Embassy, School and many others... Yearly, Monthly, and Quartly basis.

B. Short Term Basis
Airport Pickup, Tour Programme, Wedding, Picnic etc.


  • CAR: Maximum of 05 people including the driver.
  • VAN: Maximum of 06 people including the driver.
  • HAICE: Maximum of 10 people including the driver.
  • MINI BUS: Maximum of 25 people including the driver.
  • COASTER: Maximum of 18 people including the driver.
  • BIG BUS: Maximum of 35-40 people including the driver.
  • SUTLEJ BUS: Maximum of 35 people including the driver.
  • LAND CRUISER or PAJERO: Maximum of 04 people including the driver.


Full Day Disposal




Toyota/ Hiace



Full day disposalUS$ 50.00US$ 75.00US$ 90.00US$ 110.00US$ 130.00

Everywhere Overnight Stay Charge




Toyota/ Hiace



 US$ 25.00US$ 50.00US$ 70.00US$ 90.00US$ 120.00

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