Chitwan Tour Package

Trip Information
  • Trip Duration4 Days
  • DestinationNepal
  • Trip Grade Easy
  • Starts at Kathmandu/Pokhara
  • Ends at Kathmandu/Pokhara
  • Trip Type Tour
  • Accommodation Hotel / Resort / Lodge
  • Transport Tourist Bus
  • Bird Watching and Elephant Watching
  • Jungle safari in the Chitwan National Park
  • Visit Elephant Breeding Centre
  • Explore Tharu Village and enjoy the local delicacy named “Ghongi.”
  • Stay at the best hotels in the town
  • Take a refreshing walk around the jungle
  • Canoe Ride
  • Visit 20 Thousand Lake
  • Enjoy the cultural program in the hotel you are staying in

Chitwan Tour Package 3 Nights and 4 Days Jungle Safari Tour

Chitwan National Park is Nepal’s first national park to be listed as UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site. The park is home of unlimited endangered species of animals and vegetation. Travelers will get unique moments of exploring the deciduous sub tropical forest as well as get chance to acquaint with indigenous Tharu community. We have knitted the Chitwan Tour Package in such a way that travelers will get activities like Elephant ride & bath, Jeep safari, bird watching, crocodile breeding center visit, Tharu cultural program, sunset view from Narayani River bank etc.

Get Chitwan Tour Package in the best rate with us. We have numerous touring activities in Chitwan clubbed together for the amazing experience of flatland geographical belt of Nepal. Chitwan is third most visited touristic place of Nepal after Kathmandu and Pokhara. Therefore, there are plethoras of things to do in Chitwan. You will wonder how climate, geography and forest structure change in just about half an hour of flight or 4 hours of driving. Riding an elephant and gazing at the animals like tiger, deer, one horned rhino, wild buffaloes etc. and participating in the bathing moment of gigantic mammal the elephant worth every penny spent for the tour in Chitwan. Travelers will explore deep inside the jungle and observe varieties of vegetation too. Wildlife, insects and birds are found in abundance inside the sanctuary. Crocodile breeding center and elephant breeding center are two conservation areas where you can observe how these species of animals are conserved. Getting relaxed on the bank of Narayani River observing the sunset is also another feature of Chitwan Tour Package. The cultural program showcasing the traditions, rituals and practices of Tharu Community too will be very momentous.

Choose the Chitwan Tour Package for your holiday in Nepal. You will feel as if you are in completely different place of the earth. Indigenous community culture, forests, wildlife, vegetation and tranquil environment would definitely become your most sumptuous holiday ever. Hurry up and sign up with us as early as possible to get best rates for Chitwan Tour Package.

Chitwan Tour in autumn season (Sept – Nov)

Autumn season during Chitwan Tour is a magical time of year when nature transforms into a breathtaking tapestry of colors and beauty. As the summer monsoon ends the lush landscapes of Chitwan National Park come alive with vibrant colors of gold, red, and orange. The weather is pleasantly mild, with clear skies and comfortable temperatures, making it perfect for outdoor activities like jungle safaris, bird watching, and canoe rides along the serene Rapti River. Visitors can immerse themselves in the rich Tharu culture and traditions during this season, as festivals and celebrations take place, adding an extra layer of authenticity to their Chitwan experience. Whether it's the stunning landscapes, incredible biodiversity, or the warm hospitality of the locals, autumn in Chitwan offers a truly unforgettable travel experience.

Chitwan Tour in winter season (Dec- Feb)

Chitwan Tour during winter offers a unique and charming experience for travelers. During this season, the region undergoes a noticeable transformation as the temperatures drop, and a cool, crisp air fills the atmosphere. The lush greenery of Chitwan National Park gives way to a more subdued, earthy landscape. Visitors can expect pleasantly cool days and chilly nights, making it an ideal time for outdoor exploration without the discomfort of extreme heat. While it can get quite chilly in the evenings, winter in Chitwan remains a delightful season for travelers who prefer cooler weather and the chance to witness the area's remarkable biodiversity in a unique setting.

Chitwan Tour in spring season (March- May)

Spring in Chitwan is a spectacular time for travelers to explore this enchanting region. During this season, nature awakens from its winter slumber, and the entire landscape comes alive with vibrant colors and abundant life. One of the main attractions of spring in Chitwan is the lush greenery that covers Chitwan National Park. The forests and grasslands are in full bloom, making it an ideal time for jungle safaris and nature walks. Spring in Chitwan is a time of celebration for the local Tharu communities. Traditional festivals, dances, and music performances provide an immersive experience into their rich heritage. With comfortable temperatures and nature at its most vibrant, spring in Chitwan is a delightful season for exploring the park's natural beauty and cultural traditions. It's a time when Chitwan truly comes alive, making it a perfect period for a memorable and enriching tour.

Chitwan Tour in monsoon season (Jun - Aug)

Monsoon season in Chitwan brings a unique, although challenging experience for travelers. During this time, the region undergoes a dramatic transformation as the heavy monsoon rains soak the landscape, turning it into a lush and verdant paradise. The monsoon season brings heavy and frequent rains, which can result in muddy trails, flooded areas, and difficult travel conditions. Outdoor activities like jungle safaris can be hampered by the weather. Chitwan experiences high humidity during the monsoon, making it uncomfortable for some travelers. However, he monsoon rains rejuvenate the entire region, resulting in lush, green vegetation and vibrant landscapes. Chitwan National Park is at its most beautiful during this time, making it a paradise for nature lovers and photographers. Also, monsoon season is considered the off-peak period, so you'll encounter fewer tourists, which means more privacy and tranquility when exploring the park.

Important Notes during Chitwan Tour Package

  • While booking, we need the photocopy of your passport and you have to pay us a minimum of 10% payment of the total cost as advance.
  • Check if any local festivals or events are happening during your visit. Participating in these can be a unique cultural experience but may affect accommodation availability.
  • Always seek permission before taking photographs of people, especially in rural areas. Some locals may not be comfortable with photography, so it's essential to respect their privacy.
  • Beverages, snacks, are not included in our packages, so you have to pay additional cash.
  • Carry a reusable water bottle and use water purification tablets like iodine, aquatabs tablets.
  • Pack your clothes according to the seasonal basis.
  • Carry enough Nepalese rupees for your trip, as not all places may accept credit cards.
  • If you encounter wildlife, keep a safe distance and follow the instructions of your guide. Do not approach animals, especially large or potentially dangerous species.
  • Consider purchasing comprehensive travel insurance to cover any unforeseen emergencies.
  • We suggest you not to book your international flights early as there may be sudden change in weather which will make your flights delay or even cancel.
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Morning about 7 am drive from kathmandu or pokhara tourist bus station to chitwan. check in hotel. evening tharu village tour then before dinner tharu culture program. Overnight at Safari Adventure Lodge or Hotel Park land

  • 13:00 Lunch.
  • 15:00 Village tour to a nearby ethnic Tharu village where you will learn more about the life and lifestyle of the Tharus. Visit to the National Park Visitor's centre where you can learn more about the history of the National Park and about wildlife & Sun set view from the bank of Rapti River.
  • 19:00 Tharu cultural dance presentation (which you will also participate in) by the local villagers.
  • 20:00 Dinner.

    After Breakfast Full Day Jungle / Nature Walk at Chitwan National Park, (8-10 hr). A jungle walk is certainly the most exciting way to see the national park and to see lots of wild animals. All walking are accompanied by nature guides, and trips wander along the park’s trails in search of a rhino and tiger, just not too close. Because walking groups are lead by unarmed guide ( except for a long stick). Evening take a rest or enjoy the swim in swiming pool. Overnight at Safari Adventure Lodge or Hotel Park land

       After breakfast at resort about 7 am start doing jungle activities such as cannoning, then jungle walking then visit elephant breading center then back to hotel. After lunch elephant safari or jeep safari. Overnight at Safari Adventure Lodge or Hotel Park land

      • 06:00 Wake up call.
      • 06:30 Breakfast.
      • 07:00 Canoe ride along the Rapti River. An excellent opportunity for Bird Watching and for seeing the 2 rare species of crocodiles; the Marsh Mugger and the fish eating Gharial. + Jungle Walk + on the way back one can enjoy the elephant bathing.
      • 13:00 Lunch
      • 15:00 Half Day Jeep Safari 4-5 hours outside the National Park or  inside the National Park (If inside the National Park then can Visit to crocodile Breeding Center as well.) An excellent opportunity to see four different kinds of deer, rhinoceros, wild boar, monkey, leopard, sloth bear and the Royal Bengal Tiger (If you are lucky). You will also encounter many other smaller mammals that have made National Park their home.
      • 20:00 Dinner

        • 07:00 Wake up call.
        • 08:00 Breakfast.
        • 09:00 Departure for onward journey.

          Got a question about this trip or doesn't suit you?

          Cost Details
          Cost Includes
          • Hotel to Bus stand and Bus stand to Hotel By Private Transport
          • Twin sharing accommodation for 3 night's with full board (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) in Chitwan
          • All jungle activities in Chitwan
          • kathmandu to chitwan and chitwan to kathmandu by tourist bus with ac
          • Entrance fee for different sightseeing places.
          • All our government taxes, vat, official expenses & service charges
          Cost Excludes
          • Tipping (expected by guides and, but not mandatory)
          • Portage, laundry, telephone calls, table drinks or any other expenses of personal nature.
          Essential Information

          Risks during 4 days Chitwan Tour

          Chitwan tour can be an incredible adventure, but like any travel experience, there are some risks and challenges to be aware of. Here are some potential risks:

          • Wildlife encounters
          • Monsoon season weather
          • Insect-borne diseases
          • River and water activity safety
          • Cultural sensitivity
          • Weather fluctuations
          • Road conditions

          Guides during 4 days Chitwan Tour

          Having a knowledgeable guide during your 4 days Chitwan tour is essential for an enriching and safe experience. These guides are typically local experts who possess an in-depth understanding of the region's wildlife, culture, and environment. They play a crucial role in enhancing your journey, helping you spot wildlife, interpret animal behavior, and navigate the terrain of Chitwan National Park. Guides ensure your safety by providing instructions on how to act around wildlife, including one-horned rhinoceroses and elephants, minimizing potential risks. They can also share insights into the local Tharu culture, providing a deeper understanding of the community's traditions and way of life.

          Travel insurance during 4 days Chitwan Tour

          Obtaining travel insurance is a careful and highly recommended step when embarking on a 4 days Chitwan tour. This type of insurance provides essential coverage and peace of mind during your journey. Chitwan's remote and natural environment means that unexpected situations can arise, from health issues to trip disruptions caused by weather or unforeseen circumstances. Travel insurance typically covers medical emergencies, evacuation, and treatment in case of illness or injury, which is particularly crucial in regions with limited access to healthcare facilities.

          Tipping during 4 days Chitwan Tour

          Tipping is a customary practice during a 4 days Chitwan tour, and it serves as a way to show appreciation for the services provided by guides, drivers, hotel and lodge staff, and other service professionals. Tipping practices can vary, so it's essential to gauge the quality of service and your level of satisfaction when deciding on the tip amount. While tipping is customary, it's not obligatory and should be given as a token of gratitude for good service.

          ATM and money exchange facilities during 4 days Chitwan Tour

          ATMs and money exchange facilities are available in Sauraha, the main tourist hub of Chitwan. However, they may not be as prevalent as in larger cities, so it's advisable to withdraw or exchange money before arriving or in a nearby city like Bharatpur, which has better banking services. Cash is widely accepted in Chitwan for various transactions, so it's important to carry sufficient Nepalese Rupees to cover your expenses, especially when visiting more remote areas within the national park.

          Can I join the Group on 4 days Chitwan Tour?

          Yes, you can join a group tour to 4 days Chitwan. Welcome Nepal Treks offer group tours that allow solo travelers or smaller groups to join a larger tour group. Group tours provide an opportunity to share the experience with fellow travelers, often at a more affordable price point than a private tour. It's a great way to meet new people and explore Chitwan attractions as part of a guided group adventure.

          Can I book Private 4 days Chitwan Tour?

          Yes, you can book private 4 days Chitwan tour through Welcome Nepal Treks. We offer customizable private tours to Chitwan allowing you to tailor the itinerary to your preferences and travel at your own pace. The tours typically include transportation, accommodation, and guided excursions, giving you the flexibility to explore Bandipur and its surroundings according to your interests and schedule.

          Booking and Payment Policies of 4 days Chitwan Tour

          If you want to book the 4 days Chitwan Tour with Welcome Nepal Treks then, we need the photocopy of your passport and you have to pay us a minimum of 10% payment of the total cost as advance. You can pay us through different medium like cash, bank transfer, or online. We accept booking deposits through Credit Cards (Master Card or Visa and many more). You can also pay us direct cash. We also accept your last minute booking but the booking should be done at least before one day prior to the trip departure date. If you have any question regarding the tour, then feel free to contact us.

          Trip extension after 4 days Chitwan Tour

          Extending your trip after Chitwan tour is a great way to explore more of Nepal's diverse attractions. Here are some trip extension options you might consider:

          • Everest Base Camp Trek
          • Langtang Valley Trek
          • Upper Mustang Trek
          • Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek
          • Bardia National Park Safari
          • Rara Lake Trek
          • Manaslu Circuit Trek
          • Tansen and Palpa
          • Lumbini – the birthplace of Lord Buddha
          • Pokhara Adventure Activities
          • Kalinchowk Temple Trek
          • Gosainkunda Trek

          How to reach Chitwan National Park?

          When someone mentions Chitwan Tour, it is about exploring the Chitwan National Park. The oldest National Park of Nepal is a place you should visit when in Chitwan. Reaching Chitwan is a thing you can do in various ways. You can take airways or roadways. Also, the tour itinerary can be a little different for reaching Chitwan.

          Chitwan National Park is the oldest National Park in Nepal. Enlisted already in the World Heritage List by UNESCO, it is the place you should not miss out on if you are an avid nature lover. So, how to reach the place where the joy of exploring flora and fauna comes alive.

          With a flight from Kathmandu to Bharatpur or a tourist bus drive from Kathmandu to Bharatpur, you can reach Chitwan in any way you want, depending on your choice. When you reach Bharatpur, you can get into any hotel. And to reach National Park or, say, Sauraha, you can take a jeep ride. Most travelers choose Sauraha as the staying place so that they get a whole different wild vibe as soon as they reach Chitwan. By paying a certain National Park Fee, you can take the entrance to the National Park and have a lovely time there.

          Accommodations in Chitwan Tour Package 

          The accommodations you find in Chitwan are qualitative and provide you with the best services. Hotel Jungle Crown and Hotel Hermitage are the best hotels you can stay in Chitwan. Welcome Nepal Treks provide you with the best hotel services so that you can enjoy your trip with the best hotel service and delicious meals. You can also choose any accommodation of your choice. But, if you are going via a package, the agency has already booked the hotels and accommodations. However, you can consult the tour operator to discuss your needed accommodation.

          Not only this, but when you are in Chitwan, you will get accommodation at Hotel Jungle Crown/ Hotel Hermitage and enjoy the fullest with the best service and delicious meals.

          Weather and Climate in Chitwan Tour Package 

          At the heart of the jungle in Terai, Chitwan National Park lies. Talking about the climate and weather in Chitwan, it has a tropical climate with humidity throughout the year. Also, the monsoon blends with the tropical climate to give a tropical monsoon climate. The summer is too hot, and the sun is too scorching. You can’t even get out of the hotel without wearing sunglasses and a sunhat. Meanwhile, during the winter season, you may face cold waves. The area is foggy, and the chances are high that you may not see the sun for weeks.

          Chitwan is a district located at the heart of the jungle in the Terai region of Nepal.

          The maximum temperature of Chitwan can reach 35°C upto 40°C. Meanwhile, the minimum temperature drops down to around 6-7°C. Chitwan also receives a good amount of rainfall during June and July.

          The following chart describes the minimum and maximum temperatures and the rain received every month in Chitwan.

          Food in Chitwan Tour Package 

          Foodies love to know about the delicacies they can have on any new tour they like. As you stay at luxurious hotels, they will serve your meals worldwide. The restaurant and cuisines will serve you intercontinental, subcontinental, and Latin dishes. In addition, you will find it pretty amazing to get breakfast, lunch, and dinner of your choice. However, the best food you can have anywhere in Nepal is the local dal-bhaat. If you come to Nepal, it is a must-have dish. “Ghongi” is also a famous dish popular in the Tharu community, which you should not miss out on.

          Permits during Chitwan Tour Package 

          Chitwan National Park is a protected area for wildlife and was established by the Government of Nepal. That’s why a certain fee is issued so the National Park can use it for renovation, breeding centers, cleanliness and waste management. All of that helps in maintaining the wildlife properly. To enter the National Park, you need to pay around NRs. 2000 as a fee for the Chitwan National Park Entry Permit.

          Difficulty Level of Chitwan Tour | How hard is Chitwan Tour Package ?

          Like in the treks, you don’t have to walk 6-7 hours daily. Also, you don’t have to deal with altitude sickness and extreme temperature, which are the biggest complications in most trekking trips. A beginner-level family-friendly trip, Chitwan Tour can be completed by people of all age groups. You can come on the trip with your children, parents, or anybody. The only things that can cause certain complications can be the weather and temperature. However, it is not that much of a big deal. You will mostly use jeeps and buses to go from one place to another. So, if you don’t suffer from travel sickness, this can be the best trip for you and your family. In short, Chitwan Tour is a non-strenuous trip, and nothing can stop you from coming down here to the wildlife kingdom of Nepal.

          Anyone can complete the tour. However, there is one thing you need to focus on. The weather and climate can cause complications for travelers. So, being prepared for the tour beforehand is the best option. Chitwan Trip is not hard as it is a short non-strenuous trip. It is also popular as Chitwan Family Trip, where you can take your kids.

          Famous Chitwan Tour Packages for 2023/2024

          There are different tour packages for Chitwan. The only difference is the itinerary and the number of days you would be staying and traveling. 1 Night 2 Days Chitwan Tour Package, 3 Nights 4 Days Chitwan Trip Package, 2 Nights 3 Days Chitwan Tour Package are some popular tour packages for Chitwan to get into and enjoy. Overall, the fun you will have on any of these trips will be unparalleled. You will love every moment of it.

          Where to book your next Chitwan Tour Package ?

          You will learn about many travel agencies and tour planners who book travel packages for you. But, one thing you need to pay proper attention to is that you have to ensure you don’t choose a tour planner who will not listen to your words. Out of many tour planners, Welcome Nepal Treks indeed comes to the top in serving travelers with the best travel experience of a lifetime.

          Having been in the travel and tourism industry for a very long time, we know how to deal with the travelers and manage the things for them so that their trip becomes a great experience. We listen to the wishes and necessities of the clients and customize the trip accordingly.

          Why Welcome Nepal Treks for booking Chitwan Tour Package ?

          • Free pickup and dropoff from and to the airport or bus station
          • Discounts, Loyalty points and Extra services for old customers
          • Best Accommodation at a reasonable price
          • Private vehicle service and bus service as per the need
          • Bird watching, Jungle safari, and Elephant watching
          • English and Native language speaking guides for your tour
          • Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour 2023 | Group and Private Tour

          We organize private and group tours to Chitwan. You will be treated with heavy group discounts based on the size of your team. If you are coming with a bigger team, the chances are high that you will get a great discount.

          Welcome Nepal Treks handle any group size, with each group leader assigned to each group. The price can be slightly higher while you are on a private tour. If you are coming with your family for a Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour, you will probably complete it at a far more reasonable price than a private tour.

          Another popular tour around Chitwan is the Chitwan Bike Tour. You can take a bike with you, go along with other bike riders, and have a fun ride to the wildlife kingdom of Nepal. If you are an international with a driving license, you can use it ot ride a bike. There are many bike rental shops where you can book a bike based on the features.

          What to pack for Chitwan Tour Package ?

          As Chitwan Tour is all about exploring the wildlife and the culturally rich place in the Terai, which is pretty much hot, there are various things you should take with you to take proper care of your body and spend quality time. The scorching sun and high temperature can cause a toll on your skin. So, you should be aware of fighting that. Here are the things you should have in your backpack for Chitwan Tour.

          • Sunhat
          • Sunglasses
          • Sunscreen cream
          • Cotton T-shirts and Shorts
          • Watch
          • Camera
          • Cellphone
          • Comfortable shoes
          • Passport photocopies and extra passport
          • Extra money
          • Powerbank
          • Small portable hand-fan
          • Things to do and not to do in Chitwan
          • The best things to do while you are in Chitwan are immense. Starting with the jungle safari, Chitwan allows you to enjoy the cultural programs in the Tharu community.
          • The best things to do while you are in Chitwan are:-
          • Bird Watching
          • Jungle Safari
          • Elephant Watching
          • Canoeing
          • Visiting Elephant Breeding Center and Crocodile Breeding Center
          • Tiger watching
          • Explore the wildlife in their habitat
          • Sunset walk around the Narayani riverside
          • Not only the things to do, but there are also certain things you should never try to do during your stay in Chitwan, which are:-
          • Taking photos disturbing the wildlife
          • Throwing garbage everywhere
          • Eating junk food on the streets
          • Trespassing the National Park Entry Point
          • Getting no sleep at night
          • Passing racist comments on the locals

          Chitwan Tour Package Cost | Cost for Chitwan Tour for Nepali

          The total cost of the tour to Chitwan depends on the hotels and the activities you do there. It costs around NRs. 20,000- NRs. 25,000 normally. The cost can come down to NRs.10,000, or it can cross NRs. 20,000. It all depends on the activities you do and your expenses. There is no bigger difference in the Chitwan Tour Cost for Nepali and foreigners. So, if you have the mentioned budget, come to the land of the lush forest and fall in love with nature all over again.


          • Welcome Nepal Treks provide this adventurous 3 nights 4 days Chitwan Tour package at a very reasonable price. We offer this package around US$ 300 with the quality services. The cost includes transportation fees and all activities mentioned in the package and amazing accommodations with all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

          • It is completely suitable to take the children to the 3 nights 4 days Chitwan Tour. In fact the Chitwan tour is one of the best family tours to enjoy in Nepal. The tour is easy, safe and relaxing. It is a great package to spend the holidays with the children and loved ones.

          • Chitwan is a very beautiful and amazing place to explore in Nepal. You don’t need to worry about the money exchange facilities on the Chitwan tour as you can find many of them. You can change your currency to Nepali currency. However it is best to exchange the money in Kathmandu and carry the Nepal currency for the Chitwan trip.

          • You can do the Chitwan tour without the guide. However we suggest you to do the 3 nights 4 days Chitwan tour with the guide. Welcome Nepal Treks provide the highly professional and well experienced guide for the Chitwan tour. The guide is someone who will lead the tour, give you information on the cultures and history of the area. You could learn many things about the area from the guide. The guide will do their best to make your trip easier and enjoyable. Not only that our guides will ensure your safety throughout the trip.

          • Chitwan is one of the most popular and the best tourist destination in Nepal, which is rich in nature, wildlife, adventures and cultures. The most special thing in Chitwan is its wildlife, cultures and amazing jungle activities. Travelers will get a lifetime experience by discovering various animals like: sloth bears, rhinoceros, tigers, leopard, deer, Monkey, Crocodile, etc. The Tharu cultures and their dances are amazing to observe. Travelers will definitely enjoy different fascinating jungle safari activities like Elephant Safari, Jeep Safari, Canoe Ride, Bird Watching, Jungle Walk, and many others. The adventurous and jungle activities, wide range of flora and fauna, great facilities, beautiful and peaceful nature and cultures are the specialty of the 3 nights 4 days Chitwan Tour package.

          • The Chitwan is one of the most beautiful destinations in Nepal. It is completely safe to visit Chitwan. The trip is safe for the people of all ages. Even though, if in case some problems arise our professional guide will help you in difficult situations and ensure your safety. So the 3 nights 4 days Chitwan tour is completely safe for the travelers.

          • Chitwan is a beautiful place and heart of the jungle. The 3 nights 4 days Chitwan tour is a great opportunity of exploring the beautiful Chitwan National Park. Here the travelers will be able to witness varieties of wildlife. Travelers will be amazed by the animals like: One-horned rhinos, Bengal tigers, wild elephants, sloth bears, monkeys, deer, etc and various types of birds.

          • You will get the refund if you cancel the booking of 3 nights 4 days Chitwan tour package. However you will be charged the amount of cancelation. The cancelation should not be too late. For example if you are going for the trip tomorrow and have already paid for the package then you will not even get the refund as it will be too late.

          What Our Clients Says
          • S
            Slatteryu MarisaItaly,April 13, 2022

            Brilliant Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour!

            The moment with wild animal is unexpectedly amazing. I had never thought journey to a national park would be delightfully great. I am happy to get their very safely enjoying every hospitality of Welcome Nepal Treks.

          • M
            Michela CaineroFinland,April 08, 2022

            Lovely National Park with Perfect Service

            It was a great experience visiting Chitwan National Park with Welcome Nepal Treks. The package of 2Nights 3days tour seems very affordable. I would like to share my deepest gratitude to Mr.Hari for his guidance throughout the Tour. Great hotel, nice people and lovely environment. I like the whole view of Chitwan National Park. Love to visit it again.

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