Bandipur to Kathmandu by Private AC Car

Trip Information
  • Trip Duration0 Days
  • Private car with comfortable seating and air-conditioned interiors
  • Enjoy the picturesque drive through the hill and valleys of Nepal
  • Experience smooth and safe ride with professional driver
  • Hassle-free journey, providing peace of mind during your travel
  • Enjoy the flexibility of private transportation from Bandipur to Kathmandu
  • An unforgettable and harmonious travel experience.

Bandiput to Kathmandu by Private AC Car (One Way)

Traveling from Bandipur to Kathmandu by private AC car offers a comfortable and scenic journey through the picturesque landscapes of Nepal. As you embark on the journey, the well-maintained roads winding through lush greenery, rolling hills and air conditioning interiors provide a delightful experience.

Bandipur, known for its preserved cultural heritage and stunning mountain views, serves as a charming starting point for this road trip. The private AC car ensures a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy the journey with convenience and comfort. The air-conditioning in the private car becomes especially valuable as you navigate through the diverse terrains between Bandipur and Kathmandu. The private AC car offers a comfortable and climate-controlled environment, contributing to an overall enjoyable and stress-free road trip from Bandipur to Kathmandu. You may have the opportunity to witness local villages, vibrant markets, and traditional Nepalese architecture. The car journey allows for flexibility, enabling you to make stops at interesting locations or viewpoints along the way. Whether it's capturing breathtaking landscapes with your camera or taking a short break at a roadside to savor local snacks, the private car journey offers a personalized experience. Our Bandipur to Kathmandu by Private AC car is the best option for anyone who is travelling with friends, family or solo and seeking for an enjoyable and seamless journey.

The transition from the tranquil charm of Bandipur to the vibrant energy of Kathmandu becomes a memorable adventure and comfortable journey by the convenience of private Ac car. Travel in a private ac car from Bandipur to Kathmandu with welcome Nepal Treks for the best experience with reasonable price.

Cost Details
Cost Includes
  • Hotel Pick Up/Drop Off
  • One-way Private Transfer
  • Transport by air-conditioned private car
  • Driver's allowance
  • Toll charges, Fuel surcharge
  • Bottle of Water
Cost Excludes
  • Gratitude for Driver
  • All meals and Personal expenses
  • Additional service if needed
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