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Nepal is one of the cheapest yet most beautiful countries in the world to travel.

People fromall over the world travel to Nepal for their vacation. The home of Everest and the birthplace of Gautam Buddha has everything pleasant to showcase to its travelers. Nepal is a country famous for trekking, wildlife, and uneven topography. Be it Pokhara Tour Package or Chitwan Jungle Safari, Nepal surprises you like none other. Having such an immense variety of natural beauty, you are all in for a treat. So, How to get to know Nepal from a whole new dimension and embrace all that you see in your memories? Well, Nepal Tour Packages are there via which you will get to travel to the most scenic places in Nepal and enjoy what it’s like living. Nepal Tour Packages Itinerary has been designed so that travelers never feel the tour is being rushed. It is ensured that travelers make the most out of any Nepal Tour Package they choose from various options.

Choosing the Best Nepal Tour Package| Things You Should Know

Nepal being one of the most scenic places in the world provides you the most amazing tour options. You get to experience an exciting trek, city tour, hiking, jungle safari, and many more all in one single country Nepal. The best Nepal Tour Packages include Kathmandu-Pokhara Tour, 6 Nights 7 Days Nepal Tour, and Kathmandu-Chitwan Tour. Every tour package has its own specialty and unique feature. The Kathmandu-Pokhara Tour brings you closer to the city life of Nepal. The 6 Nights 7 Days Nepal Tour includes the experience of city life along with the visit to the Buddhist capital of Nepal. Meanwhile, the Kathmandu-Chitwan Tour makes you experience the rich wildlife of Nepal with the cultural interaction being the intensifier.

However, whenever you choose a tour package there are certain things you should know before choosing the best Nepal Tour Package.

  • Places Covered

Whenever you are choosing a Nepal tour package the first thing you should know is the places covered by the package. If you are planning to visit the places, then the Nepal Tour Package can be the most ideal for you. Let’s take an instance If you are planning to visit Chitwan and Pokhara, then Kathmandu-Pokhara-Chitwan Tour is the best tour option for you.

  • Nepal Tour Packages Itinerary

There are various Nepal Tour Package options to choose from. Some might be 6 days while some might be 10 Days. It all depends on your time to choose. So, the number of days of any tour package can be a factor in choosing the most suitable Nepal Tour Package. The most Nepal Tour Package Itinerary is one thing you should keep in mind before choosing any of Nepal Tour Packages.

Choosing the best tour operators automatically means choosing the best services, the best accommodation, and the best hospitality. As things stand, Welcome Nepal Treks have been the best tour operators organizing all of the Nepal Tour Packages for all travelers. The best tour services at economical cost are the specialty of Welcome Nepal Treks. The professional guides whom you interact with during the Nepal Tour will make sure your tour will get remembered for all the good reasons.

Connecting India to Nepal: Nepal Tour Packages from India

India is the neighboring country of Nepal. Many of the travelers who come to visit Nepal are from India. There are various options of Nepal Tour Packages from India including Nepal Tour Packages from Varanasi, Best Nepal Tour Packages from Delhi, and Nepal Tour Packages from Vadodara. There is a big question among the people of India who want to travel to Nepal which is “ Is passport required for Indians to visit Nepal?” Well, If you are an Indian and coming to visit Nepal, you do not need a passport. However, you will need other forms of ID apart from a passport.


Nepal Tour Packages are one of the best tour options for people to come with family and friends and for honeymoon couples. Having all the best things of Nepal embedded in a particular tour package, it is high time you should come and visit Nepal via the best Nepal Tour Package.

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