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Nepal Tours Travel Group Mentioned Key Aspects for Best Time to Visit in Nepal

If you are making plans to visit to Nepal, it is essential for you to stay fully aware of the best season to visit in the country. Nepal has temperate weather with its four main seasons centering the monsoon and summer. Each of the seasons has its own charm, about which our Nepal Tours Travel Group has explained in detail with the help of this blog post.

Autumn Season-Peak Season to Visit Nepal

Whenever we have to consider about the best time for visiting in Nepal, it is worth to consider about more number of visitors and prioritizing of mountain visibility, as both of these are highest during the autumn season starting from late September and to up to late November. During this period, you do not experience too much cold, while weather remains dry and clear.

Moreover, as dust and pollution washed away from monsoon rains, you find the mountain glaciers and hilly regions as visible in the best way to make the entire season an excellent time to experience trekking in Nepal. In addition, you will find Tihaar and Dasain, as two big festivals falling during the period. Only you have to book in advance to get the best trekking trails and descent rooms in good hotels/resorts.

Spring Season-Second Peak Season to Visit Nepal

Spring season in Nepal is the second tourist season because of its longer days and warm weather. During this period, you will find blooming rhododendrons across the hills. Moreover, you will find cut long grasses during Spring Season in Nepal that starts from February and ends to middle of April. This even allows tourists in Nepal to visit its incredible wildlife, flora and fauna.

Winter Season

Winter season ranges between December and January in Nepal and it is stable and clear. The best thing in this case is that there is no snowfall in the capital city Kathmandu, but mornings may be chilly and dank there. Moreover, if we talk about trekking areas, you will experience fierce cold and most of the lodges closed because of weather conditions. Despite you may opt to visit in terrain regions during the winter season; you may not expect to visit in mountain regions even though if you are able to bear cold weather conditions.

Pre-Monsoon Season

Pre-monsoon starts from middle of April and ends at early weeks of June. This season brings stiffing heat, rain showers, afternoon clouds and stomach upsets frequently. Even the season brings edginess and thereby, constitutes the classic time for illness and unrest problems. Hence, you should opt to trek at high mountains only when you find tolerable temperatures.

Monsoon Season

People of Nepal welcome the monsoon typically in the middle of June and ending in last weeks of the month of September every year. During this season, you will find alive fields with green shoots and rushing water. Indeed, this is a fascinating time for visiting the country. This is because; you will find clean air, blooming flowers and butterflies everywhere, along with vegetables and fresh fruits in abundance. However, you may find a few drawbacks, which include rare mountain views, forceful coming out of leeches across the mid-elevation of trekking routes, blocked paths and roads because of landslides and cancelled flights.

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