Best Places to Visit in Nepal

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Best Places to Visit in Nepal to Get an Ultimate Travel Experience

Whether you choose to scale across the slopes of the Mount Everest or pay homage to Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha, Nepal trip is obviously a preferable destination for a large number of travelers. Until now, the country has successfully boasted a large number of and diverse landscapes of the whole earth starting from snow-covered mountains to various subtropical forests. Nepal has a varied culture and it consists of many old-centuries shirnes and temples, a profusion of a few popular festivals and a large number of exotic wares to purchase and peruse. In this blog post, you will come to know about a few of the best places, where you may visit in Nepal.

Lumbini-the Birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha

We take the tourists to view a huge crowd of Buddhist pilgrims found at an everyday sight of Lumbini i.e. the birthplace of Lord Buddha. With a large number of archeological findings dating back towards 550BC, this is a legendary site to attract a large number of scientists, scholars and a large number of curious visitors. Here, you will even find a famous Maya Devi temple, which obtained the name after Maya Devi gave birth to Siddhartha (childhood name of Lord Gautam Buddha) nearby a tree of the garden. Along with this, the complex features a large number of monasteries, meditation centers, sacred ponds and tons of cultural facilities.

Khumbu Glacier

Every year, a large number of trekkers with a strong determination to experience trekking to the Mount Everest summit visits to the famous Khumbu Glacier that belongs to the northeastern region of Nepal. For this, you have to start your journey from Lukla airstrip, where you will find a clear and a two-lane trail as eventually leading mountain hikers to reach to the Everest Base Camp. Khumbu Glacier is within the area of Sagarmatha National Park and acts as a home to Namche Bazaar or Sherpa Village. Here, you will find a large number of expeditions, as staging to the mountain peak regions. Other than this, you will find Tengboche Monastery, a famous Buddhist center in Khumbu Glacier region.


Mountain views, verdant shorelines and tranquil lakes make Pokhara a popularly visited resort type of destination for worldwide travelers. People of Nepal even perceive it as the gateway towards Annapurna mountain region of northwestern Nepal. This is a lakeside city of the country and it provides respite to various weary hikers and gives a pool of opportunity to experience outdoor adventure activities, which range from paddleboat riding during leisure time to the thrilling white water rafting.


Patan is across the Bagmati River in capital city Kathmandu and it is popular for its qualified artisans to display the famous Newari architecture. Courtyards, palaces and temples of the Patan Durbar Square constitute the prime attractions of the city. Moeover you will find a recently restored Krishna Temple as another striking fact of the place becase of its multiple columned façade as well as glided spires.

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