Manaslu Circuit Trek

Trip Information
  • Trip Duration22 Days
  • DestinationNepal
  • Trip Grade Strenuous
  • Max. Altitude 5,213m
  • Trip Type Trekking
  • Accommodation Tea House
  • Transport Fly in - Fly Out
  • Challenging experience during the entire trekking trail
  • Participate in a few incredible landscapes and countless trekking adventures
  • Gives a glimpse of the pristine Nepali as well as Tibetan villages
  • Views of awesome mountain sceneries of the entire Manaslu Himal
  • Visit to Larkya La at 5150meters, the highest point of the trek
  • Explore Mt. Manaslu, the world’s eighth highest mountain.
  • Jaw dropping views of several mountains like Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Himchuli, Ganesh Himal and others.
  • Discover diverse species of flora and fauna of Manaslu Conservation Area.
  • Learn the unique Nepali cultures and traditions.

Manaslu Circuit Trek, Fixed Departure Date for 2024/2025

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a captivating expedition that leads adventurers on a remarkable journey around the towering Mount Manaslu, the eighth highest peak in the world. The trek takes place in the Gorkha District of Nepal, showcasing the stunning landscapes and diverse cultures of the region. The Manaslu Circuit is still a less-traveled route compared to the more popular treks, giving you a sense of adventure and exploration as you journey through remote landscapes and charming villages. This trek offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty, cultural exploration, and thrilling adventure.

Starting from the village of Soti Khola, this trek leads adventurers through a diverse terrain, from lush valleys to challenging mountain passes. The journey embraces encounters with local communities, where ancient monasteries and vibrant traditions come to life. As trekkers navigate the trails that wind through valleys and scale high passes, they find themselves immersed in a narrative of rugged landscapes and the human spirit's strong journey for discovery. The heart of the journey lies in the cultural exchanges with the communities along the route. From the Gurungs to the Tamangs, the route is lined with smiles and warm welcomes. Ancient monasteries suspended on hillsides or nestled within villages invite reflection and insight into the spiritual fabric of the region. Ascending higher into the mountains, trekkers gradually approach the challenging Larkya La Pass. This accomplishment demands both physical strength and mental spirit, rewarded by the awe-inspiring panoramic views of snow-clad peaks that stretch to the horizon. Alongside natural beauty, the trek provides a cultural tapestry as diverse as the terrains it traverses. From the Tibetan-influenced regions to warm interactions with the local inhabitants, the Manaslu Circuit Trek promises an immersion into Nepal's cultural and natural wonders.

As the trek ends, the journey is more than a collection of breathtaking scenery also, it is a picture of spirit, exploration, and connection. The Manaslu Circuit Trek reflects the power of nature to inspire, humble, and uplift. It showcases the strength of human spirit to venture beyond comfort zones, to engage with cultures, and to create shared memories that rise above borders. Manaslu Circuit Trek is not just an expedition but a narrative of personal growth and shared humanity. It is a reminder that the world is vast, diverse, and rich with stories waiting to be lived and shared.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Group Join Fixed Departure Dates 2024/2025

Individuals want to experience challenges during a trek should definitely go with the curious Manaslu Circuit Trek. In fact, the trek is the right option for all adventure lovers and successfully tacked various other Nepalese treks, such as Annapurna Circuit, Annapurna Base Camp and Everest Base Camp and various others.

The Manaslu Circuit Trek lets you to experience a somewhat challenging trek with trailing across a few incredible landscapes and countless trekking adventures across the country. A trek across the high mountains of Manaslu circuit plays a significant role to give a glimpse of the pristine Nepali as well as Tibetan villages, along with a walk through remote paradise of the Himalayan region.

Diversity associated in the entire trek from middle hills of the Hindu area to high-country dwellers of Tibet, along with awesome mountain sceneries of the entire Manaslu Himal as well as surrounding peaks play a significant role to make the Manaslu Circuit trek an interesting as well as a challenging trek in Nepal. Larkya La at 5150meters is the highest point of this trek.

Manaslu Circuit Trek during spring season

Spring is one of the best seasons to do the Manaslu circuit trek. The spring season falls during the months of March-May. The temperatures range from 10°C to 20°C. The moderate temperature, clear skies, perfect visibility, warm days make the spring season perfect for trekking. The spring brings blooming of colorful rhododendrons and other wildflowers. The trekking trains are mesmerizing and mountains are breathtaking. Trekkers will have the most unforgettable Manaslu circuit trekking experience in spring season.

Manaslu Circuit Trek during Monsoon season

Manaslu circuit trek in monsoon season is not much recommended. trekking in Manaslu circuit during monsoon can be more challenging with uncertain risks. the monsoon season in Nepal falls during June-Aug. the heavy rainfall during this season will affect the trails. The trails may become slippery and muddy, making the trek more difficult. There are higher chances of avalanches and landslides. If you want to do the Manaslu circuit trek in monsoon you need to be extra careful.

Manaslu Circuit Trek during Autumn Season

Autumn is the perfect season for the Manaslu circuit trek. The autumn in Nepal falls during the months of Sept-Nov. The weather condition during this season is stable, the temperature is moderate and the sky is clear. The temperature ranges from 12°C-20°C. The days are sunny and the nights are chilly. The visibility is excellent, and you can enjoy awe-inspiring views of the snow-capped mountains. The trekking trails and the teahouses are crowded during this season. You would also meet many other trekkers from different part of the world. Overall, trekking in the Manaslu Circuit during autumn season provides a memorable and rewarding trekking experience.

Manaslu Circuit Trek during Winter Season

Winter is less recommended season for the Manaslu circuit trek. The winter in Nepal falls during Dec-Feb, it is the coldest time of the year and the Manaslu region experiences extremely cold temperature. The temperature drops below the freezing point. Due to the temperature below freezing point it is hard for the trekkers to do the trek. However beautiful scenery of snowcapped mountains and peaceful trekking trails in winter season will attract the trekkers. Trekking the Manaslu Circuit during winter can be a rewarding and adventurous experience for those who are well-prepared and ready to face the challenges.

Important notes for Manaslu Circuit Trek

  • Trekkers need to submit their passport copy at the booking stage.
  • We suggest trekkers to pack the bags lightly as the porters can carry about15-20 kg only.
  • We suggest the trekkers not to book their international flight early as sometimes their might me flight delay or cancelation due to unpredictable weather conditions.
  • The clothing for the trek should be packed according to the particular season.
  • It is better for the trekkers to carry extra local currency on the Manaslu circuit trekking trail to cover their additional expenses.
  • For the additional services like: WIFI, hot showers, laundry, beverages, etc. You need to pay on your own.
  • You should bring the travel insurance that includes the medical expenses and emergency helicopter evacuation.

Benefits of doing Manaslu Circuit Trek with Welcome Nepal Treks

Booking the 22 days Manaslu circuit trek with Welcome Nepal Treks is a great choice. We are a well-organized trekking agency with the team of professionals having experience of more than a decade in the trekking and travelling field. Here are some of the benefits you will get while doing the Manaslu circuit trek with Welcome Nepal Treks:

  • We offer the trekking package at the reasonable price with high quality and best hospitality.
  • Free Pick up and drop from Airport-Hotel-Airport
  • Arrangement of Trekking permits for the Everest Base Camp Short Trek
  • Arrangement of accommodation in teahouse lodges during the trek
  • We arrange some necessary trekking equipment like sleeping bags, Down jackets, trekking pole, etc. if you haven’t brought your own
  • Professional, well trained and friendly trekking guide provided
  • Our team organize the Everest base camp trekking with full safety and security.
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Arrival at Kathmandu and transfer to Hotel. Free evening time around the local market.

     This is the day for to make the Special trekking permit for Manaslu Trek and check all the trekking equipments and other necessary things. We will visit the Swyambhunath Buddhist temple in late afternoon. Overnight at hotel.

      Drive from Kathmandu to Arughat Bazaar (570m) which takes about seven hours. we will start our trip at 7 AM after breakfast in Hotel. You drive along the Kathmandu - Pokhara Highway for the first part of the day; you turn towards the Dhanding Bensi Bazar. After Dhading Bensi the road gets a bit rough but you will reach your destination Arughat Bazaar in approximately seven hours from Kathmandu. Overnight at tented camp.

        Trek from Arughat Bazaar to Soti Khola (530m) and it takes about six hours. You trek over flat leveled path along the bank of Budhi Gandaki river through mostly terraces, numerous villages, green hills, some pretty waterfalls and you are quite surrounded by green forest. This day you take lunch at Arket Bazaar which lies middle way to Soti Khola. This is the best place to relax and can enjoy swimming to ease your tiredness of walking. To reach Soti Khola, the trail is ups and downs through forest of Sal, Chilaune and other local vegetation. Soti Khola is a village at the bank of Budhi Gandaki. The swimming spot is nearby here. Overnight at tented Camp.

          Trek from Soti Khola to Machha Khola (890m) which takes about six hours. The zigzag path passes through forest, villages, streams, pretty waterfalls and green valley until you reach Lapu Besi. This is a village mainly covered by Mongolian. Now you again go through the zigzag path to reach Machha Khola. There is a small market with few shops, lodges. Overnight at tented Camp.

            Trek from Machha Khola to Jagat (1350m) takes about 6 hours. You cross the Machha Khola - Fish Stream - and head upstream to the tiny village of Khola Bensi and the hot springs at Tatopani. The valley sides are steeping until they are impassable and the route then switches to the left bank by way of a suspension bridge. The trail is quite exposed and challenging in places. After a short section of forest path you reach the single teahouse at Doban. Above Doban, the Buri Gandaki descends an impressive series of rapids. Beyond this steep section, the river is much more placid, meandering across a broad gravel bed. At Lauri, you cross the river on a suspension bridge, and then climb on a high path to the fields of Jagat. Overnight at tented Camp.

               Trek from Jagat to Philim (1700m.) which takes about three hours. The early part of trek moves gentle uphill and then somewhere through flat leveled path. You cross suspension bridge over Buri Gandaki before you enter Philim. Philim is a big village mainly inhabited by Gurung people. There are small monasteries, chortens, prayer flags fluttering in the sky, graves and typical houses. Overnight at tented Camp.

                 Trek Philim to Deng (2095m) takes about six hours. You trek over flat leveled path mostly through the pine forest, rhododendron and others. While walking, you cross few bridges and can see villages at far distance. There are few houses at Deng. From here, you can enjoy a pretty waterfall lying at some distance. Deng is famous for its potatoes, buck wheat, barley, wheat, cabbage, spinach as people are mostly involved in agriculture. Overnight at tented Camp.

                   Trek Deng to Namrung (2900m) takes about five hours. In the beginning, you trek almost flat leveled path and then the trail moves uphill all the way to Namrung through forest. From here, you can enjoy the spectacular views of Mt. Manaslu, rock hills, green valley and ridges. Namrung is a Buddhist village where there are some monasteries, water turbine, hydro electricity power house, mani walls, chortens and prayer flags can be seen fluttering in the sky. The typical houses remind you of Tibetan architecture. Overnight at tented camp.

                     Trek Namrung to Lhogaon (3100m) takes about four hours. You trek over winding path which moves through inner Himalayan range. On the way, you can enjoy mountain views of Rupinala pass, Mt. Manaslu, Gorkha Himal, Saula Himal, Lajing peak, and many other snow capped mountains and peaks. In the afternoon, this part becomes quite windy. While walking, you come across mani walls, chortens, prayer flags and monasteries. Before you reach Lho Gaon, you pass a Tibetan village and Lihi Gaon. There is a monastery named as Chon at a ridge and there is a Buddhist school at Lho Gaon run by Buddhist monks. People mainly grow oat, barley, buck wheat, potatoes and vegetables. You can catch panoramic view of Mt. Manaslu, Gorkha Himal, Saula Himal, Lajing peak too. Overnight at tented Camp.

                       Trek Lho Gaon to Sama Gaon (3390m.) takes about 4 hours. Leaving the village, you follow the right bank of the river, with views of Peak 29 ahead. As you continue on the main trail, you soon reach the fields of Sama Gaon, 3500m. You camp at Sama Gompa, 20 minutes beyond the village, or Samdo, near the Tibetan border. Overnight at tented Camp.

                         Rest day at Samagaon for acclimatization. Surrounded by mountains in a peaceful forest, you take a rest day to acclimatize and relax.You can hike to Manaslu Base Camp for excellent views of Samdo(Pang phuchuli),Manaslu glacier, Manaslu ice fall too. Overnight at tented camp.

                           Trek from Samagaon to Samdo (3690m) and it takes about four hours.You trek gentle uphill all the way to Samdo through desert path and windy valley. The Tibetan border is just four kilometers away from Samdo. But visitors are not allowed to pass the border. There is a Tibetan refugee village at Samdo. This is an excellent view point for Mt. Manaslu, Samdo (Pang phuchuli), Nagdi chuli, Simnang Himal, Manaslu glacier, Manaslu ice fall and many more. Overnight at tented Camp.

                             Trek from Samdo to Larkya La Phedi (4460m) which takes about 3-4 hours. The trail is rocky and zigzag all the way to destination. Before you reach Larka La Phedi, there is a market Larkya Bazaar (market) where is held seasonal Tibet fair/market. People bring goods from Tibet to sell it here. This place also called the Dharamsala. Overnight at tented Camp.

                               Trek from Larkya La Phedi to Larkya La (Pass) (5213m) to Bimthang (3590m) and it takes about 7-8 hours. Early in the morning you begin to trek steep ascent path (Up hill) until Larkya La through rocky and windy path. This day you carry packed lunch. From the top, you can enjoy the views of Larkya peak, sunrise, Mt. Manaslu, Ratna chuli, Cheo Himal and many other snow capped mountains and peaks. Crossing this pass, you move steep downhill path through rock and ice. On the way, you can see many icy lakes. Bimthang is a broad and level ablation valley with a number of Mani walls and deserted houses. Overnight at tented Camp.

                                   Trek from Tilje to Dharapani (1860 m) and to Tal (1815m) takes about 6 hours. Crossing this high pasture, you descend the valley of the Burdin Khola to the area of the Base Camp for the West side of Manaslu. From a ridge at 4150 meters, you have excellent views of Manaslu to the South East and Annapurna II to the South West. Beyond a bridge over the headwaters of the Dudh Khola, you descend into a rhododendron forests and follow a trail through a narrow valley until you reach the highest cultivated land in this valley at Karche, 2785 meters. Walking down you cross a stream to reach Tilje. There is an apple orchard and it is quite famous for local wine. Leaving Tilje, you trek for nearly 45 minutes and reach Dharapani crossing a bridge over Marshyangdi river. And continuously trek down to Tal for another 2 hours. Overnight at tented Camp. Tea- House lodges are also available for hot showers.

                                     You trek all the way over descent path along the bank of Dudh Khola (river) and Marshyangdi river. On the way, you walk through pleasant villages such as Jagat, Syange, Ghermu which is an attractive village with pretty waterfall, farming land and green hills. Overnight at tea- house lodges.

                                       Easy down hill with the views of local villages and farming lands. Overnight at Bhulbhule.

                                           Day to Boudhanath, Pashupatinath. Free evening for shopping and overnight at Hotel.

                                              Got a question about this trip or doesn't suit you?

                                              Cost Details
                                              Cost Includes
                                              • All the ground transportation by private tourist vehicles.
                                              • Ground transportation
                                              • Full board meal 3 times a day during the trekking (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
                                              • Tented accommodation and equipment during the camping trek. (We will provide two man tents, dinning tents, kitchen gear, dining table, chairs, toilet tents, shower tent.)
                                              • Deluxe hotel in Kathmandu (3 star hotel -The address kathmandu Hotel or Gaju suite Hotel) accommodation as per the itinerary with breakfast
                                              • Comfortable private vehicle as per itinerary
                                              • Professional tour guide on day trip in Kathmandu.
                                              • Monuments entrance fees in Kathmandu city tour
                                              • Government licensed English speaking Guide and Porters to carry your luggage during the trek (1 porter Between 2 Person basis), their food, accommodation, salary, insurance, equipments, and medicine.
                                              • Special Trekking Permit
                                              • All necessary paper work Permit & TIMS card (Trekker's information management system)
                                              • Travel & Rescue arrangement.
                                              • Farewell dinner in typical Nepali Restaurant with cultural dance show
                                              • All our government taxes, vat, official expenses & service charges
                                              Cost Excludes
                                              • International Flight, Airport tax and Nepal Visa fee
                                              • Major meals in Cities (Kathmandu)
                                              • All personal expenses such as bar bills, water, tea / coffee, snacks, shower, battery re-charge laundry charge etc.
                                              • Personal clothing and gears, sleeping bag and Down jacket for trek
                                              • Tipping (expected by guides and porters, but not mandatory)
                                              • Cost raised by flight cancelation, emergency rescue charges, landslide, weather, political unrest, illness, re-routing etc which are not under our control
                                              Departure Dates

                                              Fixed Departure Dates for Manaslu Circuit Trek 2024/2025

                                              Looking for Fixed departure dates for Manaslu Circuit trek? Welcome Nepal Treks offers fixed departure dates for Trekking to Join Manaslu Circuit Trek

                                              Manaslu Circuit Trek, a journey around Mount Manaslu, eighth highest peak in the world offers rewarding trekking experience. Welcome Nepal Treks organizes Manaslu Circuit Trekking package with fixed departure dates. You can visit our sites for the information on upcoming departure dates for year 2024/2025. The fixed dates are organized to ensure best weather conditions and safe trekking experiences. People with hectic schedule and limited flexibility can choose specific date and plan their trip accordingly. Choosing the fixed departure dates with Welcome Nepal Trek offers convenient and trouble-free experience on the trek.

                                              Select a Departure Month
                                              Date PriceStatus 
                                              Start DateThursdayJul 25, 2024End DateThursdayAug 15, 2024PricePriceUS$2500StatusStatusAvailable
                                              Start DateTuesdayJul 30, 2024End DateTuesdayAug 20, 2024PricePriceUS$2500StatusStatusAvailable
                                              Essential Information

                                              Best time/ season to do the Manaslu Circuit Trek

                                              Autumn and spring season are regarded as the best time for the manaslu circuit trek. The spring season (March-May) welcomes newly blooming rhododendron and other colorful flowers that make the trail beautiful. In this season the weather is stable and the temperature is good. The days are warm, views are clear and mesmerizing and the paths are easy for treks. Autumn (Sept-Nov) is another best season for the manaslu circuit trekking. During the autumn season the weather condition is good and the temperature is moderate. The sky and paths are clear with no rain and snow which is perfect for trekking. You can also do the manaslu circuit trek in winter season. Winter season (Dec-Feb) is coldest time of the year. The days are warm but the nights and early mornings are extremely cold. You would face the snowfall in this season so the paths may get blocked by the snow. However the mountains views during this season is worth exploring. The monsoon is not good time for the manaslu circuit trek. In this season the trekkers will experience heavy rainfall and hot temperature. It is difficult to trek in this season as the trails are wet and slippery. But the nature during the monsoon season is amazing. You can do the manaslu circuit trek during any time but you should be well prepared according to the seasons.

                                              Packing lists for Manaslu Circuit Trek

                                              • Here are the lists of some of the most necessary trekking gears for the Manaslu circuit trek:
                                              • Down jackets, windproof and water proof jackets, trekking trousers
                                              • Trekking boots, socks, t shirts, long sleeve shirts
                                              • Gloves, scarf, hat, sun glasses, quick drying towel, underwear
                                              • Sunscreen cream, moisturizer, lip balm, face wipes
                                              • Cell phone, camera, power banks, head light
                                              • Water bottles, medical kits, water purifying tablets
                                              • Extra money, etc.

                                              You can also pack other necessary and valuable things and leave the unnecessary things at the hotel.

                                              Accommodations and hotels at Manaslu Circuit Trek

                                              The trekkers will be staying at the teahouses during the Manaslu circuit trek. The teahouses are quite simple and basic. The rooms are cozy and comfortable and offer comfortable bed, warm blankets and soft pillows. The facilities are good and the warm services provided by the locals are great.

                                              Foods and meals for Manaslu Circuit Trek

                                              While doing the manaslu circuit trek you will have varieties of the dishes in the teahouses/ lodges. In the teahouses you can find varieties of authentic Nepalese dishes as well as international cuisines. You have great options of delicious foods like: roti tarkari, dal bhat achaar, thukpa, momos, oats, eggs, etc. there are also varieties of hot and cold drinks. You can choose any foods and drinks from the menu according to your taste and preferences.

                                              Drinking water in Manaslu Circuit Trek

                                              The safe drinking water is available in the teahouses and hotels during the manaslu Circuit trek. You should carry the water purification tablets while trekking. You can drink the water from the tap only after the purification. You can buy the bottled water, filter water or hot water. The price of water is very expensive and keeps on increasing.

                                              Difficulty level of Manaslu Circuit Trek

                                              The manaslu circuit trek is moderate level of trek. Some parts of the trek would be challenging. However the trek can be done by anyone having good physical condition and strong determination. Trekkers should be well prepared with the right trekking gears. You can be prepared for the trek by cycling, jogging, hiking and some other exercise before the trek.

                                              Guides and porters for Manaslu Circuit Trek

                                              Welcome Nepal treks provide the highly professional, caring, reliable and responsible guide and porter for your Manaslu Circuit trek. We provide English speaking guides who will lead the trek and provide you important information on the trek. The porters will help you and make your trekking journey comfortable by carrying your heavy bags. They will make your trip safe, successful and memorable.

                                              Permits required for Manaslu Circuit Trek

                                              For the manaslu circuit trek you need different permits. They are: Restricted Area Permit, Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP) and Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP).

                                              Travel insurance for Manaslu Circuit Trek

                                              It is not compulsory to have travel insurance for Manaslu Circuit trek. But, Welcome Nepal Treks strongly suggest you to have travel insurance. Sometimes you might suffer from altitude sickness or some unexpected incident might occur. So, for your safety during Manaslu Circuit trek, you must have good travel insurance that covers medical expenses and emergency helicopter rescues. This will make your trip safe and let you enjoy the trip without any worries. It is best to have good travel insurance while doing the Manaslu Circuit trek.

                                              Tipping in Manaslu Circuit Trek

                                              The tips are the reward given to the service provider for their hard works and incredible services. Tipping is not compulsory in the Manaslu Circuit Trek. It is completely your wish. During your trekking trip you will have a guide and porter who will help you and provide you the best services. If you find their services good then you can give them small amount of tips at the last day of trek which will make them happy and encourage doing their work even better.

                                              Why to do Manaslu Circuit Trek

                                              The Manaslu circuit trek is one of the best treks in Nepal. The trek is known for the beautiful nature, adventures and variations of culture, teahouses and kind Nepalese people. Enjoy the perfect adventurous and cultural experiences. The view of natural beauty of the forests, magical mountain ranges, flora and rivers in this region is amazing to witness. The manaslu circuit trekking route provides a pure village hiking experience, meeting with the locals and exploring hidden wonders. People who are seeking for challenging and unique trekking experience in Nepal must try Manaslu circuit trek.

                                              Arrival Day of Manaslu Circuit Trek

                                              If you book the 22 days Manaslu Circuit trek package with Welcome Nepal Treks, we will warmly welcome you and make sure to make your trip memorable. On the day of your arrival, our team representative will be waiting for you at the Tribhuvan International Airport. Our team representative will have your name plate and warmly welcome you with Khaada (Shawl) and escort you to the hotel in a private vehicle.

                                              Manaslu Circuit Trek Elevation

                                              The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a popular trekking route in Nepal that takes you around the eighth highest mountain in the world, Mt. Manaslu. The highest point on the Manaslu Circuit Trek is the Larky La Pass, which is at an elevation of approximately 5,160 meters (16,930 feet) above sea level.

                                              ATM or Money Exchanges in Manaslu Circuit Trek

                                              It is very unlikely to find ATMs or Money exchanges on the Manaslu Circuit Trekking route. So, we suggest trekkers to exchange their currency into Nepali rupees before the trek in Kathmandu where you can find many money exchange centers. It is safer and best to have the cash in hand while doing the Manaslu circuit trek.

                                              Laundry during Manaslu Circuit Trek

                                              Along the Manaslu circuit trekking trails, the laundry facilities are limited. The trek is in the remote area so the facilities will be basic. So, in such case you can buy the bucket water and do the laundry yourself.

                                              Risks During Manaslu Circuit Trek

                                              The Manaslu circuit is a rewarding and challenging trek that takes you around the Himalayas part of Nepal. While doing the trek the trekkers might face some risks and should be well aware about them. Here are some of the risks that trekkers may face during the 22 days Manaslu circuit trek:

                                              • Altitude sickness
                                              • Unpredictable weather
                                              • Basic and limited facilities
                                              • Landslides and avalanches
                                              • Carelessness
                                              • Injuries and illness

                                              Solutions for the risks on Manaslu Circuit Trekking

                                              As the Manaslu circuit trek have some risks, to make your journey safe here are some of the solutions and precautions you can take:

                                              • Acclimatization
                                              • Proper physical fitness
                                              • Stay updated on weather conditions
                                              • Wear right clothes
                                              • Stay hydrated
                                              • Proper nutrition
                                              • Avoid alcoholic beverages and smoking
                                              • Stay positive
                                              • Follow the guidelines
                                              • Be careful

                                              Training for the Manaslu Circuit Trek

                                              The 22 days Manaslu circuit trek is a long and challenging trek. You can prepare yourself for the trek before few weeks of the starting date. For the Manaslu circuit trek you can train yourself by doing cardiovascular exercises like: swimming, cycling, jogging, hiking before few weeks of the trek. Along with the physical training you should be prepared mentally as well. You should be mentally strong and develop a positive mindset. Overall, to accomplish the trek successfully you need to be physically, mentally fit and be in good health condition.

                                              How much does it cost to do the Manaslu Circuit trek

                                              Welcome Nepal treks offers the 22 days Manaslu circuit trekking package at the very reasonable price with the best services. We offer this thrilling adventurous trekking package starting from US$ 2500 per person. The cost includes all the transportation fees during the trek and everything mentioned in the package with all meals in the trek.

                                              Group Joining Manaslu Circuit Trek

                                              Trekkers can choose the group joining Manaslu circuit trekking package if they are alone and want to share trekking experience. Welcome Nepal Treks offers group joining 22 days Manaslu circuit trek on the fixed departures. We will provide you with information on departure dates, group size, and other details. The Langtang Valley group join trekking package allows you to enjoy the walk with different trekkers from different countries. The group trek is a golden opportunity to maintain a friendly relation and helpful atmosphere throughout the trekking journey.

                                              Private Manaslu Circuit Trek

                                              If you prefer a more personalized experience, you can book for private Manaslu circuit trek. This allows you to have more flexibility in terms of itinerary, pace, and the level of services. Welcome Nepal treks arranges private 22 days Manaslu circuit trek. We will customize your itinerary for the private Manaslu circuit trek based on your preferences and help you design the trek that suits your needs.

                                              Manaslu Circuit Trek booking and payment policies

                                              When you confirmed the booking of the 22 days Manaslu circuit Trek package with Welcome Nepal Treks, we need 10% payment of the total cost in advance. You can also pay the total cost payment in advance. We accept booking deposits through Credit Cards (Master Card or Visa and many more). Bank/credit card service charge should be paid by the clients themselves at the time of deposit. You can also pay direct cash on hand. The price mentioned in the site is real. We don’t have any hidden charges. We also accept your last-minute booking. For more understanding you can go to our site and see the terms and conditions. If you do not understand any of our terms and conditions, feel free to ask us. Our team will help you to understand all the important information at the time of booking.

                                              Related trips in the Manaslu region

                                              Besides the 22 days Manaslu circuit Trek here are some of the other treks to enjoy in the Manaslu region of Nepal:

                                              • Tsum Valley Trek
                                              • Ganesh Himal Trekking
                                              • Manaslu Cultural Trek
                                              • Manaslu Circuit with Tilicho Lake, etc.

                                              Trip extension after Manaslu Circuit Trek

                                              If you have some more time left in Nepal after finishing 22 days Manaslu circuit trek then you should extend your trip. There are many other hikes, treks and tours to enjoy in Nepal. Here are some of the popular trip extensions:

                                              • Chitwan tour
                                              • Pokhara tour
                                              • UNESCO world heritage sites tour
                                              • Nagarkot hike
                                              • Mount Everest flight tour
                                              • Trishuli river rafting, etc.

                                              Departure Day of Manaslu Circuit Trek

                                              After finishing the Manaslu circuit trek, we serve the farewell dinner to our clients at a typical Nepalese restaurant before the day of your departure. And on the day of the departure back to your country, the team representative of Welcome Nepal Treks will pick you up from your hotel and drop you to the international airport and bid our last goodbyes.

                                              Feedback after the Manaslu Circuit Trek

                                              After finishing your long 22 days Manaslu circuit trek, we would love to hear from you about how you enjoyed the trip and if there is anything we need to improve. We would love to receive any suggestions or feedback from the trek. You can write your feedback and reviews about our company services and your trekking experience with us at the trip advisor. You can also learn the feedback and reviews of our company services written by many trekkers from different parts of the world. Feedback is highly appreci

                                              Why Welcome Nepal Treks for Manaslu Circuit Trek

                                              Welcome Nepal Treks offers a wonderful Manaslu Circuit Trek package to the customers at a very reasonable price with great services. We provide experienced, trustworthy, the best and professional guides and porters for the manaslu circuit trek. From picking up in airport, lodging, transportation to dropping at the airport for departure; everything will be done in a professional ways. We guarantee the best services, and provide the best trekking trip that you will never forget.

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                                                ChinstaUnited Kingdom,January 10, 2019

                                                Manaslu Circuit via Larke Pass

                                                We just returned from an amazing trek around the Manaslu circuit organised by Welcome Nepal Trek Days. Our trek was excellent from start to finish and was simply a trip of a lifetime. Our guide Ganesh was superb throughout and was one of the reasons our trek was so special. He went out of his way to make sure we where all happy and managed to find us great places to stay throughout the trek. We wouldn't of wanted anyone else to guide us through this amazing part of the world. Thank you Ganesh! We can't wait to come back and take on our next trek.

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