Nepal Responsible Travel

Welcome Nepal Treks & Tours is responsible trekking and tour agency of Nepal. We always advocate sustainable tourism in Nepal. We have always allotted certain percentage of the income after conducting trekking and tours in Nepal for the improvement of locals. We have donated heavily for the reconstruction and renovation of the schools, houses and trekking routes. The company is more concerned about the health and safety of porters and trekking guides as well. We are fully focused to provide the quality education to our crew members’ children and their life standard as well. This is our effort for the Nepal Responsible Travel.

Advocating the sustainable tourism in Nepal we have introduced the Nepal Responsible Travel theories and principles. Our Trekking guides and crew members always follow the eco friendly way of organizing the trips. All our trip wastes are carried by porters are disposed in right place only. Trekking routes are not littered by our group. Environment friendly itineraries are created and all the logistics that used for the support of our trekkers we use recyclable and reusable items. These things will ensure the great need of maintaining the route in the sustainable state.

Apart from the sustainability of the route Welcome Nepal Treks & Tours is equally dedicated in uplifting the conservation of various touristic destinations. Last year the company contributed 30 % of the earnings after tax to heritage reconstruction fund for Nepalese Government. After the 2015 earthquake the country tolled numerous damages on architectural building as well as trails and lots of teahouses were damaged. Especially Langtang region of Nepal got heavily affected. The company helped in constructing a school in Langtang region of Nepal.

Nepal Responsible Travel should be followed by every trekking and tour agency of Nepal. We urge all our compatriots for the dedication towards sustainable tourism in Nepal.