Bhutan Tour Packages from Kathmandu

Bhutan Tour Packages from Kathmandu Cost for 2024 and 2025

Bhutan, a landlocked Himalayan kingdom nestled between India and China is a very popular tourists’ destination due to its untouched natural beauty and ancient traditions. A Bhutan tour package from Nepal is an enchanting journey into the heart of Himalayas, allowing travelers to explore peaceful kingdom of Bhutan.

This extraordinary adventure begins from Nepal’s capital city, Kathmandu. From the towering peaks of the Himalayas to lush valleys, dense forests and clear crystal rivers, the terrain offers a breathtaking medium for nature lovers. Get an opportunity to visit iconic landmarks like the Tiger's Nest Monastery and explore the charming cities of Thimphu and Punakha. Visit traditional Bhutanese houses adorned with intricate artwork and vibrant colors. Travelers will be able to spot various species, including the Bengal tiger, snow leopard, and various bird species. Bhutan is also great destination for treks. If you enjoy trekking, you would love Bhutan as it offers some exceptional trekking trails. Along with nature, Bhutan's rich traditions and cultural heritage adds another layer of beauty to the country. The preserved heritage, vibrant festivals, and serene way of life provide a glimpse into a harmonious society. Bhutanese are friendly, warm and welcoming. Engage with the friendly locals, experience Bhutanese traditions, and savor delicious traditional cuisine which will make your journey memorable.

Bhutan tour from Nepal is the cheapest and convenient way to travel the Himalayan kingdom. Bhutan tour promises an unforgettable journey that will leave you with cherished memories and a deeper appreciation for the beauty of the Himalayan region. Join this adventure filled trip and explore the mysterious country, Bhutan.

Highlights of Bhutan Tour from Kathmandu

  • Explore Bhutan’s capital, Thimphu
  • Stunning landscapes, from towering Himalayan peaks to lush forests and serene rivers.
  • Explore Bhutan’s diverse flora and fauna.
  • Visit country’s numerous monasteries, stupas, and temples
  • Taste unique flavors of Bhutanese cuisines
  • Interact with friendly locals, visit traditional villages, and experience Bhutanese hospitality.
  • Observe Bhutanese handicrafts, thangka paintings and wood works

Benefits of doing Bhutan Tour package with Welcome Nepal Treks

Welcome Nepal Treks is a reputable and well-organized travel agency in Nepal. We have a team of professionals with experience of more than a decade. we organize the tours of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan at reasonable price with the best services and great hospitality. Here are some of the benefits of booking Bhutan trip from Kathmandu with us:

  • Arrangement of Travel Visa for Bhutan tour from Kathmandu
  • Our team organize the Bhutan Tour Package from Kathmandu with full safety and security.
  • We offer the Bhutan tour packages at the reasonable price with high quality services and best hospitality.
  • Arrangement of accommodations during the tour
  • Professional, well trained and friendly guide provided

Useful Information of Bhutan Tour

Bhutan Tour Package from Kathmandu Cost

The Bhutan Tour Package from Kathmandu cost differs depending on the group size, duration of days, places you visit and services basis. Welcome Nepal Treks offer the best Bhutan tour packages from Kathmandu at best price and quality services. Welcome Nepal treks have various Bhutan tour packages from Kathmandu ranging from $1800- $6000. You can choose any Bhutan Tour packages from Kathmandu according to your budget and preferences.

Best Time to Bhutan Tour from Kathmandu

The Bhutan tour is available through all season of the year. However, spring and autumn are generally considered as the best seasons for Bhutan tour. Spring in Bhutan spans from March-May. The weather is pleasant with moderate temperature and clear skies. The landscape becomes beautiful with colorful blossoms and lush greenery. Bhutan is known for its colorful festivals, and you may have the opportunity to witness one during your visit in the spring. Overall, spring visit to Bhutan offers an enriching travel experience with stunning natural beauty. Likewise, autumn is also a great season to visit Bhutan. Autumn in Bhutan spans from Sept-Nov. It is considered as the best time due to favorable weather conditions. The days are warm and the nights are cooler. this season offers unique opportunity to immerse in Bhutanese culture and spirituality. Autumn also offers the best time for trekking in Bhutan. The other two season monsoon and winter are also available for Bhutan tour package from Kathmandu. These seasons are not much preferable for tour in Bhutan due to poor weather conditions. Monsoon spanning from June-Aug experiences hot temperature with heavy rainfall while winter spanning from Dec-Feb experiences extremely dry and cold weather. In some parts of the country, you can expect snow fall as well.

Therefore, the Bhutan tour from Kathmandu is available throughout the year and each season provide different experiences. But spring and autumn are regarded as the best time.

Packing lists for Bhutan Tour package

If you book the Bhutan tour you should be well prepared with right equipment according to the season. We suggest you to pack your bag lightly with only necessary and valuable equipment. Here are the lists of some important things to pack for Bhutan tour package from Kathmandu:

  • Important travel documents
  • Comfortable and suitable clothes according to weather conditions
  • Moisturizer, lip balm, sunscreen cream, and other necessary skin care items
  • Some necessary toilet items including small packages of tissues, wet tissues, a quick-dry towel, etc.
  • Cell phone, camera, power banks, chargers
  • Snacks and energy bars
  • Medi kits
  • Extra cash
  • Other personal valuable items

Accommodations during Bhutan Tour from Kathmandu

The choice of accommodations during Bhutan tour packages depends on your budget and the level of tour packages you choose. You can expect basic teahouses and lodges to luxurious hotels as well. In major cities and popular tourists’ destinations of Bhutan, you will find hotels with luxurious facilities. You will be enjoying comfortable rooms, private bathrooms, and Wi-Fi. There are also some luxurious resorts in Bhutan. The resorts offer top class services and views of stunning Himalayan landscapes. When you will be exploring smaller towns, you will be staying at simple guest houses with basic facilities. However, you will be receiving best services and warm hospitality from the locals. If you plan on trekking or exploring remote areas you might also be spending night in tent. We can customize the accommodations according to you budget and needs and make sure you will enjoy your trip.

Meals and Drinks on Bhutan Tour

Various traditional and international dishes are available in the hotels and lodges in Bhutan. You'll have the opportunity to explore Bhutanese cuisine, which is a delightful blend of flavors and unique dishes. Enjoy varieties of dishes like momos, soup, thukpa, red rice, and many other unique dishes. There are also varieties of drinks available like: milk tea, fruit juices, alcoholic drinks, etc. It's essential to try the local butter tea, suja, and ara, a traditional rice wine. Bhutanese cuisine can be spicy as they include a lot of chilies, so if you don’t like too much spicy food, it's best to tell them before your order. The foods and drinks are made with fresh and flavorful ingredients. Delight in the delicious dishes while enjoying warm hospitality of the Bhutanese people.

Internet, WIFI and Hot Shower Facilities on Bhutan Tour package from Kathmandu

In major cities and towns of Bhutan, you can easily find services like: internet and WIFI on hotels and guesthouses. You can find internet access through mobile data networks and Wi-Fi. While in remote regions internet may not be strong enough and you may not always have access to WIFI.

In most hotels and guesthouses, you will find charging facilities for your electronic devices. The towns and cities generally have a good electricity supply. Similarly, hot showers are available in many hotels and guesthouses in cities. But in remote areas of Bhutan the electricity and hot showers facilities may be limited.

Availability of ATMs during Bhutan Tour

ATMs are available in Bhutan but they only operate with selected Bhutanese banks. Bhutanese currency and Indian rupees are accepted widely. Credit Cards have limited acceptability and payment through credit card is accepted mainly by Deluxe hotels. Cash and Travelers Cheques exchange facility is available for most of the main currencies. So, it is best to exchange money before the tour and make sure to carry enough local currency throughout the tour.

Guides for Bhutan Tour package from Kathmandu

While doing the Bhutan tour from Kathmandu you will need a professional guide to lead the tour. You don’t need to worry about the guide while doing the Bhutan tour with Welcome Nepal Treks, as we provide the highly experienced and professional English-speaking Bhutanese guide to the customers. We have friendly, caring and informative Bhutanese guide for the Bhutan tour. It will be very much easier and exciting to do the tour in an unfamiliar and mysterious place with our knowledgeable guide. Our guide will not only lead the tour but also provide necessary information, help you in need and make your trip memorable. Travelers will be able to learn a lot about the country its nature and cultures.

Group Joining Bhutan Tour package from Kathmandu

Welcome Nepal Trek offer group joining tour package, if you are alone and want to share the experience with like-minded people then you can choose for Bhutan Group Joining Tour Package from Kathmandu. The group Bhutan tour package from Nepal offers an opportunity to maintain a friendly relation and helpful atmosphere throughout the trip. Welcome Nepal treks will organize the group on our own and will provide you information on fixed departure dates, group size, and other details. We ensure the best service at a reasonable cost.

Private Bhutan tour package from Kathmandu

Welcome Nepal Treks also offers best Private Bhutan Tour Package from Kathmandu. If you are alone and want to enjoy more personalized Bhutan tour experience then you can book for a private Bhutan tour package from Nepal with Welcome Nepal Treks. Welcome Nepal Treks offer private Bhutan tour package and let you customize the itinerary as per your budget, need and schedules. The private tour package has more flexibility in terms of itinerary, duration, and the level of services. You should remember that the cost of a private Bhutan tour package can vary depending on factors such as the duration of the tour, the places you want to visit and the level of accommodation.

Trip duration of Bhutan tour package from Kathmandu

The trip duration of Bhutan tour package depends on your personal interests, specific itinerary, the places travelers want to visit and experiences they wish to have. Our Bhutan tour package ranges from 4- 15 days depending on the activities you want to engage in. 4- 15 days are enough to explore the history, natures, traditions and cultures of Bhutan.

Permits required for Bhutan Tour packages

Traveling to Bhutan requires specific permits and arrangements. Bhutan has a very strict policy on tourism in the kingdom. Getting into Bhutan is not simple and you cannot obtain the Bhutan Visa personally. Tourist must book a pre-arranged tour through registered tour operators in Nepal. While booking the package with Welcome Nepal Treks you don’t need to worry about Bhutan visa. After you booked the tour with Welcome Nepal treks, we will arrange the Bhutan entry visa. Some certain restricted in Bhutan also needs special perm it so if your itinerary includes the restricted areas, we will arrange the necessary permits for you.

Best Tour packages in Bhutan

There are wide range of Bhutan tour packages available from Nepal. You can choose any package you want from cultural and historical tours to trekking adventures and wildlife exploration. Here are some of the best Bhutan tour packages:

  • 12 Days Central Bhutan Tour
  • Bhutan culture tour
  • Bhutan Monasteries tour package
  • Bhutan Thimphu Paro tour package
  • Bhutan Cultural Tour Package
  • Short Bhutan Tour, etc.

Travel insurance for Bhutan trip from Kathmandu

Obtaining travel insurance is an important when booking a Bhutan tour package. Travel insurance provides financial protection and peace of mind in case of unexpected events during your trip. Ensure that your travel insurance provides coverage for the specific activities, medical expenses and regions you plan to explore in Bhutan.

Tipping on Bhutan tour package from Kathmandu

The tips are the reward in forms of money or gift provided to the service provider for their valuable services and hard works. Tipping is not mandatory while doing Bhutan tour from Kathmandu. During your trip you will have a guide who will help you and provide you the best services during the tour. The tipping is not compulsory for Bhutan tour but is expected by the guides and other service providers like drivers, etc. after providing you the best services throughout the tour. So, if you find their services good then you can tip them at the last day of the tour which will make them happy. It will also encourage them to work even better. It is also a way to show gratefulness towards their hard work and services. Overall, tipping during Bhutan tour completely depends on your wish/ choice.